Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Are you currently dealing with bed bug infestation? Regardless of their name, they don’t limit themselves to your bed. You can find them behind wallpaper, small spaces like cracks in the walls, and in the depth of your furniture.

Though they don’t spread any disease they can deprive you of good sleep and their bites can cause some severe allergies. What’s worse? Once they make a way into your house, it is hard to get rid of them.

Many of you opt for home remedies to treat the infestation. Surprisingly, they will provide you temporary relief but they can’t provide the same results as pests professionals can. If you see any sign of bed bugs, we suggest you have a bed bug canine detection as soon as possible. This is the most popular way adopted by the professionals for accurate identification of bed bugs. Doesn’t matter if it’s a residential property or a commercial, this technique will save your time and ease your mind.

This technique has a lot of benefits for both the homeowners and the bed bug professional team. Let us explore the benefits that you can have:

  1. All life stages are detected: While it is a challenge to detect bed bugs, it is tougher to find their eggs. A well-trained bed bug canine is qualified and can detect both live bed bugs as well as their live eggs. They rely on the sense of smell and can identify easily. As a matter of fact, the only way to detect lice eggs of these insects is by scent.
  1. It is highly accurate: The authorized canine has a high percentage of being accurate. They show their accuracy by sniffing out the bed bugs from the most unexpected places. It also helps you in early detection of infestation and its resolutions.
  1. Cost-effective: A bed bug canine can identify a severe infestation easily and accurately. It means you only have to pay for the infected area rather than paying for the whole building. This reduces the time and expense of the treatment. There are specific tips and advice by that can actually save you from spending money on expensive treatments.
  1. Fast inspection time: If you have done a bed bug treatment, you know they can take a lot of time. But, along with accuracy, they are very efficient and fast. They are well trained to search the insects in a short duration of time. It covers large hotels in a fraction of time, giving the owner peace of mind that their facilities are free from bed bugs.

Generally, this is the most effective and safest technique for bed bug extermination. They can perform the inspection faster than humans with any disruption and damage to furniture.

If the dog isn’t able to detect any bed bug, then there is a high probability that your home is safe from infestation. They are well trained to detect even a single living bed bug.

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