10 Cool Mind-sharpening Board Games for the Summer

Sunday, April 28, 2019

The summer is characterized by hot weather and general reluctance to move outdoors. The sun is hottest in this part of the year. It’s during summer that the earth’s axis tilts towards the sun bringing us closer to the sun. This explains why this season is the hottest among the 4 seasons. You may as well notice that the days are longer than the nights and that you feel a little sluggish to move in the hot sun.

But do you know that this could be the best time to sharpen your mind and improve your cognitive power? There are multiple passive board games which you can undertake and boost your brainpower while relaxing with friends or with your family. Below are the top 10 picks.

1. Chess
Of all mentally engaging games, chess emerges among the best. This board game is bound to boost your mind power and at the same time keep you entertained. It is also suitable for bonding sessions and helping you connect with your friends while you pass time at your home. If you have several members you can play in turns which will add more fun to the game.

While experienced players use well-known tactics which they have mastered over time, you may find that you have to weigh out the best moves as you play. The result is an engaged mind which is key in boosting the processing power of your mind. The excitement of defeating a friend or even a discovery of a new strategy will add more joy to the game and make the overall experience quite fulfilling.

This game is named after the economic concept of monopoly. Monopoly game stems from The Landlord’s game which was prominent in the early 20th century. The game involves imaginary buying and selling of properties, generating income from capital and cash flow, and developing those imaginary properties into more valuable assets. The players collect revenue from their opponents in terms of rent with the goal of making them fully bankrupt. The imaginary investments may as well fail to bear fruits and money lost in the game.

If you have never tried this game, then you need to put it in your must-do list. It is not only exciting but it will fully engage your mind and increase your creativity levels. Playing this game also stimulates your financial intelligence and could help you point out possible investment channels which you have never thought about. Play it to learn, enjoy, and also pass time.

You must have encountered this game somewhere. It’s in magazines and newspapers. Players are required to fill out the crossword by finding letters which if filled in a certain order will give correctly spelled English words. The game is key in testing your recall and long memory capabilities. It improves mental retention of words, and also the ability to remember things which you encountered a long time ago. You can as well find such crossword puzzles in NY Times website and still find the New York Times crossword answers online you can also get quick tips from here to became a crossword champ.

This puzzle offers a mental challenge of its own. It requires a high level of focus and concentration. The game has several pieces which are needed to be assembled together such that they perfectly fit into one another. These games come in various levels of complexities. There are those simple games made for children while others are quite complex and will even challenge an adult.

Some of the complex jigsaw games include the spherical jigsaws and optical illusion jigsaws designed to make the assembly work more daunting. Go for the complex ones as they will give your mind the needed challenge and thus sharpen it further.
5. Chinese Mahjong set
This game bears its origin from ancient Chinese culture. It’s a game of strategy and involves a significant level of skill and mental effort. Though there are mental calculations to be made, there is also a certain percentage of chance involved. However, to dominate the game you need to be savvy at making mental calculations and coming up with strategies to beat your opponents. The end result is increased mental power.

The game has spread across the globe and has been adopted by different cultures of the world. The Chinese Mahjong set usually has 4 players although there is a variation for three players. It has a set of tiles which are marked with Chinese characters. Each player is given a certain set of tiles at the beginning.

The game is then played by drawing the tiles until a “legal hand” is completed. There are also other ways of winning the game such as having a small class of “special hands”. Rules usually vary from one game to another and players are at liberty to create their own house rules.

6. Rubik's Cube Game
This cube game was invented in 1974 by Ernő Rubik. In appreciation of his work, the game bears his name even to date. This puzzle game consists of a cube with 6 colors. Each face is made up of nine squares. Players are required to rotate the squares to ensure that they match the color of the ninth square. Matching the colors is not that easy. It will take considerable mental effort and involvement. But the good thing is that it helps to improve your visualization skills which are key to improving mental performance.

7. Latice Board Game
This is a game of strategy and skill. It involves the use of several tiles with different colors and shapes. You play the game by trying to match the shape and the color of different tiles. The game can be played by 2 to 4 players. Players win by matching the tiles before anyone else does. Thus speed is key in maintaining wins. This game might be the best for you if you love something which gives you a certain level of adrenaline rush while still forcing your mind to quickly figure out the right way out.

8. Metal Ring Puzzles
This is a brain teaser and is likely to boost the creative capabilities of your mind. The board comes with multiple metal shapes. This game is suitable for both adults and children. You can choose to buy this for yourself and tease your mind with the different puzzles contained in these metal rings. You will need to use both your creative and logical mind to come up with solutions. The process will not only be rewarding but it will improve your concentration and focus levels.

9. Scrabble Board Game
This game has been adopted in multiple cultures and is a favorite pastime to many people. This is a word game and involves placing letter tiles on a board. These letters must form a word which can be found in the standard dictionaries. It is thus similar to a crossword. If you have interacted with common crossword puzzles such as NY Times Crossword and got the right New York Times crossword answers, then this game should not give you much trouble. The only difference is that it’s a physical though there are online apps which emulate its concepts.

10. The Suitcase Game
This is an exciting game and demands a certain level of memory and concentration. The first player adds an item into a briefcase then names the item added to the briefcase. More items are added and players are required to repeat the names of these items in the order in which they were added. In the first stages, the game is simple but becomes more complex and requires more memory as more items are added to the briefcase.

Games are good as they help the mind and the body to relax. It’s even more important if you choose games which will not only be enjoyable but will also sharpen your mind and increase your brainpower. Use the list of the games highlighted above to pick your best game and further sharpen your mind this summer.

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  1. Great list of games. Our favorites are Monopoly and Scrabble.


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