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The history of t-shirts can be traced as long back as the late 1800s when it was still the fashion for suits. The late 1800 US union suits have evolved into t-shirts as we know them today. Now, it’s one of the most versatile pieces of men’s clothing. You can wear them for casual as well as formal occasions. A 100 years ago t-shirts were made to wear to work and now they are setting trends and fashion statements for every occasion. 

In this article we take you through the different types of t-shirt necks you can choose from.

1.Crew Neck T-shirt
This type of neck sits snugly around the neck. It’s the most common t-shirt neckline and looks at any occasion. This neck is lauded all over the world and is the most widely sold. It is also the easiest to manufacture. This neck looks good on men with long faces and rounded shoulders. It makes you look taller. 

2. V Neck T-shirt
As the name suggests this type of neck is in the shape of a ‘V’ at the neck. It is good for men with round faces and broad shoulders. This style makes you look slimmer and in better shape. You can wear this t-shirt under a shirt because it won't show. The neck makes this t-shirt perfect for shirts. Adam White from Jasper Holland Co. ( says that a t-shirt for men should be more than a boxy, square piece of fabric. A classy t-shirt should fit the arms snugly and have a neck that won’t stretch out after wearing or washing it. The v neck t-shirt is also gaining popularity for its versatility. 

3. Henley - Y Neck T-shirt
This neck is a hybrid between the crew style neck and the ‘v’ style neck, but with buttons. The shirt has a placket running a few inches down the front. This style is a more formal type and you can wear it to formal occasions. It falls nicely and gives you a good shape. An occasion that needs you to look for Sunday best, you can opt for a Henley-Y neck t-shirt. 

4. Polo Collar T-shirt 
The Polo T-shirt was first made popular by golfers. The shirt has a collar and button down the front. Men with a lean build can go for a polo t-shirt to make them look better. This t-shirt was first propounded by golfers because of the comfort and look. It’s very comfortable to play golf. It absorbs sweat and cools off quickly. The formal look it has, makes it perfect for golf which is sometimes played with bosses and VIP’s as a tradition. 

5. Scoop Neck T-shirt
This shirt is the most informal and to be worn only when you are on a vacation. This style has a neck similar to the Crew style but the neck hangs a few inches lower than the collar bone. The scoop neck is ideal for beaches and lounging around in the summers. Sport this style for that holiday feel!

Now after you know the different kinds of the neck you can choose when buying t-shirts let’s look at the types of t-shirts you can buy for your wardrobe. 

1.Pocket T-Shirt
The pocket on the t-shirt is on the left breast. It looks stylish and semi-formal. Formal shirts have pockets on the left side too. Pockets can give the t-shirt a new look. If the t-shirt is plain, a different colored pocket can give the t-shirt a vibrant look. The pocket patch can also have cool graphics on it which sets it apart from the t-shirt giving it a contrast. 

2. Hooded Style T-Shirts
This style is formal and informal, cool and multi-purpose. You can wear these t-shirts to basketball practice with your homies as well as to work. Go to the gym or travel in these. They are so comfortable that you’d want to live in them. These are warm for that nip in the air when it’s not too hot but not too cold for a sweater either. We recommend that you definitely have these in your wardrobe. 

3. Graphic style T-Shirt
Graphic tees are worn around the world now. It’s the best outlet for people to make their own style statement. The first graphic tee was seen in the movie The Wizard of OZ in 1939. This is perhaps the most coveted style and everyone can wear them for their versatility. In an era of self-expression, graphic tees have taken the world by storm, or should we say that people have taken to these t-shirts. 

4. Painted T-Shirts
If you need to express your creativity to the world is more than others, sport your own painted tee. Paint a plain T-shirt with fabric paints and voila! Your own custom tee. What’s better than to be able to wear your own creativity. You can even gift these t-shirts to friends and family. Afterall handmade t-shirts and gifts are always cherished for a lifetime!

5. Plain Colored T-Shirts
Perhaps we undermine how perfect plain t-shirts look too. Plain tees look nice and very versatile. You can pair them with anything. They are plain yet they look good. It is really important that your wardrobe has a few staples like plain black and white tees. You never know when you might need them. 

The evolution of t-shirts has not only been in styles and neck styles but also in sleeves. You can choose to wear sleeveless, half sleeves, quarter sleeves, and full sleeves. Pair these sleeves with the myriad neck styles we have today. Wear a full sleeved Henley-Y neck T-shirt to a party and look perfect in a semi-formal look. 

You are really spoilt for choice now as far as tee shirts are concerned. Even if you don’t wear shirts, you can still make your own style with different t-shirt styles. As the trends change every year, styles in tees change too. Keep yourself abreast of everyone and follow the latest styles for the perfect look!

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