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Do you know a technique for cleaning the house known as Spring Cleaning?

Spring Cleaning originated in the mid-1850s, becoming a tradition in the coldest countries, as the houses spent all winter closed, to prevent the cold from invading, and with this, a dust accumulation, disorder, between other things.

When spring arrives, the temperature begins to get warmer, allowing the windows and doors to open, so that the air circulates again free, without getting trapped. Let's see how this technique can help us get the house cleaned. Clean Home Guide will help you gain more knowledge about cleaning your home with tips and tricks.

Spring Cleaning

Leaving aside the traditions and speaking of modern times, the term Spring Cleaning has a meaning closer to the deeper wipes of a particular location or the whole house, especially the common rooms such as bedrooms and living room.


Just as it is of the utmost importance to keep ourselves clean, with regular baths among other personal care, our home also needs periodic care. There is a saying that fits very well with our theme: "Cleansing brings us closer to godliness." A clean house helps us to maintain a healthier and much more hygienic life.

Cleaning is not only to maintain an acceptable aesthetic, especially for the visits, but it is a health issue, because in a house with a lot of dust, residents are prone to allergies and other respiratory diseases that can worsen with the passage of time. A messy environment can leave your mind out of order too, which can result in irritability and a very bad mood. To clean the house, to leave it well ventilated, illuminated and, above all, organized allows the entry of good energies, keeping the environment in full harmony.


If everything in our life needs tidying up, why would our home be any different? However, it is not always easy to organize the tasks that must be performed, especially in spring cleaning. A good tip is to have a schedule of organization so that everything can arrive in its proper places. A 7-day organization calendar can be the solution for keeping your home tidy. Check out how this calendar works :

Day 1 - Starting with the bedroom: The first step is to get rid of what you no longer use in your bedroom because it is taking up space that could be used to store other things. After this separation, arrange the spaces, fold the clothes, pass the ones that are necessary and arrange what is on the furniture if it has them. Do not forget that, after putting things in their places, it will be necessary to clean all the spaces.

Day 2 - Organizing the living room: Begin collecting all items that do not belong to that space, such as clothes, bags, papers, among others. Separate the items that can be delivered for recycling and the correspondences to the space provided. DVDs and CDs can be placed in boxes or organizers. If you do not have space to store such objects, which are usually part of a collection, you can resort to self-storage. After that, clean the spaces, the sofa, furniture, and windows.

Day 3 - Time to organize the bathroom: No empty packaging, throw it away. Take advantage of and look at the expiration dates of toothpaste, creams among others and, everything that is out of date, the destination is a garbage bag. For easy towel storage, make rolls and put them in the drawer, so you get a little more space. Do not forget to clean the closet spaces and add a nice smell.

Day 4 - Kitchen Time: A kitchen is a place that we tend to accumulate a lot that we do not need, so start with pots and pans, and anything that is not good should be thrown away. The shelves should be clean and organized. Choose to organize cook pots by size and utility, such as frying pans, larger pots, and smaller pots, do the same with pots and platters. Glasses and household items should also be organized.

Day 5 - Still in the kitchen, but in the refrigerator: It is very important that the refrigerator is always clean, so check all the foods that are inside it, where the foods that have milk as a base tend to perish faster, as well as vegetables and greens. Do not use abrasives for internal cleaning, and to remove odor, place a small piece of charcoal inside the refrigerator.

Day 6 - Recycling is the keyword of that day: Here, all items collected from the previous rooms that can be used for recycling must be donated. Separate the books, clothes, vessels among others that can serve the neighbor and do your part, donate!

Day 7 - Learning new habits: For the organization to be functional, avoid eating in the living room and do not leave dishes and glasses scattered around the house, in addition to clothes keep them in their space.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this article, and found it quite informative. And especially the part about the cleaning essentials. Thanks for sharing! I generally prefer Citrus Cleaning Supplies for motor scrubber and would recommend it to all.

  2. This is a very good list! I never really do a spring cleaning I just circle around. Ever month I go through my clothes/shoes and pull out things that I don't wear and give them thrift/goodwill store. I also go through my books and take them to a senior library so they have new books ever couple of months. Every day I try to spend a hour or so jusst doing/cleaning something.


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