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I’ve always loved wearing watches, not only are they the most convenient way of knowing the time, but I find them very fashionable looking and think they go great with certain outfits. The right watch can help elevate your look and can also be a perfect keepsake. My last watch was solar powered and I loved it. However, the solar power feature in it stopped working. Since then I haven’t been able to find a watch that matches my taste as well. Luckily, that was only until now. Since being introduced to JORD Watches, all of that has changed. JORD watches look amazing

When JORD Watches (JORD IS Pronounced YODE) reached out to me a few weeks ago, I was so excited to partner with them. I had seen their watches online and thought they looked amazing and unique. Unique because they are crafted out of intricately designed and carved wood. After choosing my favorite watch design and measuring my wrist size using the printable JORD Watches measuring tool available on their website, my anticipation built daily until the watch arrived. It felt like waiting on a new cellphone upgrade.

From the moment I opened the package, I was very impressed with how my JORD watch was presented to me. Each watch comes in a collector’s edition humidor cedar box embossed JORD logo that holds a pillow. Your watch is placed on the pillow to help protect and house your watch when you are not wearing it. The box and lid each have magnets that way your box stays closed to help protect your watch from the elements when you are not wearing it. There is also a little pull out drawer that is ventilated and will hold your extra watch pieces in case you need to adjust the size of your watch. You also receive a microfiber polishing cloth and a 6-month supply of JORD Preserve: a custom-formulated wood treatment gel with applicator pen. This will improve the look and longevity of the wood.

I loved several of the designs offered but eventually went with the Koa and Rose Gold design in the Cora series. I am now convinced I made the best decision possible. I love the way this watch looks and how comfortable it is to wear. The Koa wood is a species native to Hawaii. The inside of the watch is rose gold and adorned with Swarovski crystal markers. The face of the watch is made of sapphire glass. Sapphire glass has been established as the definitive material for transparency and durability. This ensures that the face of your watch will remain scratch-free and as clear as the day your first wore it.

I love that this watch gives a more casual vibe which is great for when your wearing jeans. However, with the rose gold and Swarovski crystal markers, it can help elevate any casual outfit to the next level. Anytime I wear my JORD watch people seem to notice it and always have nice things to say. Most people get shocked when they find out JORD Watches are made in the same place as Rolex watches!  I was a little worried about the result of measuring my own wrist. Luckily, however, I didn’t have any issues with the fit at any time. It is quite the opposite, my watch fits me perfectly, both in look and feel!

These watches are splash proof, not waterproof. Honestly, that isn’t an issue for me. Most designer watches are splash, not waterproof. This isn’t a watch to wear when swimming. When I wash dishes, do yard work, or anytime my hands are going to get wet, I take the watch off. To recap: Not only do these watches look amazing while being unique, but they are also equipped with self-winding parts which use gravity and movement to keep the watch wound appropriately. This works extremely well. After long periods of inactivity, manual winding is required (the stem twists out rather than the traditional pull-out type, when done correctly (it took us a while to figure out the secret to get the winding stem out) the manual winding process takes less than a minute.  Just don’t do any manual jobs while wearing it unless you are okay with a broken watch.

While there are a lot of reasons to like the watch, perhaps the most pleasant surprise of all was discovering that self-winding is truly self-winding. When you go about your daily activities, simply your moments will power the watch. I think this is amazing. The inner-workings of the watch also provide a smoothly-sweeping second hand, which I find has a soothing and therapeutic effect. I am happy to confirm, JORD watches deliver exactly the product they advertise.

If you know someone that loves unique timepieces this is such a great gift. I would highly suggest a JORD watch for anyone. Now for the fun part! If you would like to own a unique JORD Wood Watch, be sure to enter the giveaway, for your chance to win $100 towards a watch of your choice. The contest will conclude April 21, 2018, at 11:59pm. Good Luck!

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