John Frieda Wonder Drops Hair Masks & Vibrancy Enhancing Conditioner {Review}

Thursday, March 7, 2019

I am so excited to share the new John Frieda Hair Care products of 2019 with you. Having recently had the chance to try them myself. I am thrilled with the results my hair has experienced from using these products for less than a month.  John Frieda Hair Care products make a great addition to my daily hair care regiment and I am sure they will for you too! I had the chance to try the John Frieda Wonder Drops Hair Masks (Frizz Smoothing, Damage Repairing, and Vibrancy Enhancing) and the John Frieda Vibrancy Enhancing Conditioner. 

John Frieda Wonder Drops Hair Masks ($3.49) Four targeted hair masks that transform hair in a matter of minutes. Designed to treat hair suffering from frizz, fading, damage or dullness, each mask revives hair with a single in-shower application. Simply shampoo, squeeze out excess moisture and massage the Wonder Drops throughout wet hair.

Available in:

  • Blonde Brightening: infused with grapeseed oil, begin to transform your dull, faded hair into a brighter blonde look.
  • Frizz Smoothing: infused with avocado oil, begin to transform your frizzy, unruly hair into a smooth, in-control style.
  • Damage Repairing: infused with vitamin E oil, begin to transform damaged, breakage-prone hair into a stronger, restored style.
  • Vibrancy Enhancing: infused with babassu oil, begin to transform dull, color-treated hair into a more vibrant, illuminated look.

I am such a fan of hair masks, and after trying the John Frieda Wonder Drops Hair masks, I can say that these masks did not disappoint. Not only are the hair masks priced perfectly but they work amazingly. 

The vibrant foil colored packaging offers a cute drop-like style. Each package holds 0.85 oz (a single use) which is surprisingly the perfect amount for long thick hair which I have. My hair goes past the half of my back and is thick and the amount in the package easily layered throughout my hair. I was also very happy that each package offered a very pleasant fragrance that wasn’t overwhelming but very pleasant. 

My daughter and I have tried the masks and are loving the results. Depending on your hair needs there is a mask available to help with whatever hair issue you may have at the time. My daughter used the Vibrancy Enhancing since she has highlights while the Frizz Smoothing and Damage Repairing worked for my hair. 

The hair mask is very creamy and evenly spreads throughout your hair from roots to tips with ease. After 5 minutes you can feel the results, even after rinsing it out. I was very happy with the end result of using this product. 

John Frieda Vibrancy Enhancing Conditioner ($8.99) An intensely hydrating conditioner that leaves your color vibrant and your hair feeling healthy. It maintains that salon-fresh color with a formula that leaves hair feeling soft, silky and luxurious with every use, transforming dull, lackluster hair into a vibrant, illuminated mane. Infused with nourishing Babassu Oil, the deeply moisturizing conditioner locks in rich, salon-quality color and protects it from fading.

Since, my daughter has color-treated hair due to having highlights, she opted for the Vibrancy Enhancing Conditioner. This conditioner has a very pleasant fragrance and is very creamy. Her hair has a healthier look and feel to it after using the conditioner. A little does go along way but with her having shorter hair that could be the reason. This is a great conditioner to make your hair feel and look healthier. Protecting your hair and the color treatment is a huge plus that is needed when you color treat your hair in any way. This product offers that.

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