5 Secrets for Cooking Healthier Meals

Thursday, March 28, 2019

We’re all dimly aware that we need to be eating more healthily, but you know, these are busy times we’re living in, and who has the time to go through the long process of preparing a meal that’s all-out good for our health? Especially when there’s affordable takeout food available, which does away with the problem of cooking and cleaning up. These are valid points, but there’s another side to the story too. If you cook healthy meals, you’ll save money; you’ll learn a new skill, and, yes, you’ll feel the effects when it comes to your overall health. And if you know a few rules, you can make healthier meals in no time! Check the rules out below, and transform your cooking experience for the better! 

Plan Ahead
If you’re just opening up the fridge when it comes to making dinner, or you’re hurriedly trying to grab ingredients to make a meal on your way home from work, then it’s unlikely that you’re going to end the night with a healthy meal in your stomach. Instead, plan ahead. If you know what healthy meal you’re going to be cooking each night, there’ll be no temptation to abandon your health kick and opt for whatever’s most convenient. 

Fresh Ingredients
Two people could look up the same healthy recipe, prepare it the exact same way, yet have different outcomes when it comes to the overall healthiness of their meal. That’s because it’s not only what ingredients are on the plate; it’s the quality of those ingredients. If you’re buying pre-packaged vegetables from a low-quality supermarket, then there might not have as many vitamins and nutrients as you might expect. Generally, it’s best to buy fresh from a farmer’s market. If that’s not an option, frozen is usually better (the goodness has been frozen in). 

Better Tools
It might not sound logical, but the equipment you use to prepare your meals also makes a difference. The knives and chopping boards and the like, of course, don’t, but the actual pans that you’re using to cook the food? They do. Much of the unhealthiness we find in meals comes not from the food themselves, but how they were prepared -- for example, if they cooked using a lot of oil. It’s better to use stone frying pans, for instance, as opposed to regular frying pans -- the stone variety require no oil for cooking. So don’t just think about what you’re cooking, but how you’re cooking!

Half Plate Veggies
If you’re ever in doubt about the health credentials of your meal, then opt for filling half your plate with vegetables. You should also select as wide a range of colors, too. If you’ve got vegetables representing all the colors of the rainbow on your plate, you’ll generally be moving in the right direction. 

Conscious Cooking 
Finally, don’t forget about portion sizes! They make a big difference. It’s no good preparing a generally healthy meal if you’re going to eat a portion that would serve three people. 

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