The Best Ways to Spend Your (Limited!) Free Time as a Parent

Friday, February 22, 2019

Being a parent means you lead a busy lifestyle. You’re up early and don’t crawl into bed until late. There’s always a huge to-do list to tackle, and most days you don’t get much time to yourself. So whenever you are lucky enough to have a free block of time, you’ll want to spend it in the best way possible. Maybe your child has started school meaning you get a little more time during the week, or perhaps a close friend or family member has asked to take them out to have some fun and also give you a break. If so, here are some worthwhile ways you can spend your time.

Learning a new subject doesn’t have to mean going to a university full time these days. It’s perfectly possible to gain a qualification from the comfort of your own home through online study. You could use it to get a degree (which is essentially your ticket into the workplace) or you could further your knowledge if you already have a degree. For example, if you have an undergrad degree in nursing you could do a family nurse practitioner program online course. With online colleges, you can study at your own pace so even if you don’t have the same amount of time every week to devote to it, its something you could still do around raising a family.

As a busy mom you’re probably already tired enough and so the thought of exercise might sound unappealing. But it’s so worth pushing yourself to get some done, while you’ll feel fatigued afterwards, in the long run, it will actually give you energy. It helps you to maintain your weight, feel good about yourself and gives you something to work towards.

Does it feel like you spend half your life cleaning, just for things to end up the same way within hours?! Unfortunately, this comes as part of the deal when you’re raising kids, but there are things you can do to make life easier. If you take an hour every now and again to get rid of clutter, find good storage solutions and organize. Once that’s done, you’ll find cleaning and putting things away becomes quicker and easier. For a while, at least!

Finally, if you’re feeling drained and are child-free for an hour or two then why not just take some time to relax! It’s easy to feel guilty about this, and feel as though you should be doing something else. But it shouldn't be the case, we all need time to unwind every now and again. Watch some Netflix, run a bubble bath or book in for a massage at the salon. Whatever you need to reduce your stress levels and rejuvenate yourself.

How would you spend a chunk of child-free time if you had it?

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