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Monday, February 4, 2019

Being a mother is the most amazing gift in the world, and it is true that we do glow a little with happiness and pride whenever we see this little bundle of joy in our arms. As a mother it might seem like we never have a single second to ourselves, sometimes this can make it difficult for us to look after ourselves and give ourselves the attention we need. Today though we are going to take a look at some of the small things we can do every day to make ourselves feel more beautiful as a Mum and give us a boost of confidence.

Dress comfortably… but pretty
Comfortable clothes don’t have to be frumpy… say it with us! The main thing which can often happen to us when we have been through pregnancy and we become a mother is that we end up reaching for loose shirts and hoodies every day because it is comfortable and easier to wear every day when we have a baby. However, sometimes you can get flowing clothes which are also pretty and this can make you feel much more confident every day. For example, a bra from inner parents can be stylish and practical as you lactate through the day, a t-shirt dress or summer style dress can be flowing around the tummy to give you more space to breathe. Have a shopping trip with your other half and treat yourself to some new items. It will allow you to stay effortlessly stylish every day.

Ditch Nail Polish
Although nail polish looks amazing when you first apply it, after a few days you will always find that they start to chip and crack and this can ruin the look you are going for. If you want to stay looking groomed every day without worrying about chips, ditch the polish completely or instead apply a clear coat which will protect your nails and allow them to grow. As a Mum, you won’t have much time to sit around waiting for your polish to dry anyway so this can be handy.

Natural hair
If you don’t want to be spending lots of time in front of the mirror every day styling your hair, that’s ok! There’s no need to spend lots of time doing your hair each day as a Mum because you frankly don't have the time or the energy to do this anyway! If you can, leave your hair to go natural and rock this look every day. If your hair can be a little frizzy naturally, there is another way to get silky locks with little to no effort. At night, braid your hair loosely and sleep with it. In the morning you can take the braid out and brush the hair with a wide comb. For some extra help, you can apply some leave-in conditioner such as Palmer's coconut oil leave in conditioner and this will Clark any fly always and keep you looking amazing.

Use eyelash primer
Most of the time when you are looking after your baby day today, you won’t want to wear a full face of makeup because it just feels a bit of a waste. The good news is that you don’t have to wear a full face to look fresh and ready to tackle the day. If you love wearing mascara but you don’t want to apply a thick coating, the ideal thing for you is to use an eyelash primer instead. Benefit eyelash primer is tinted brown and this can be the ideal way to bring a little color and depth to your eyes without covering them in mascara. You’ll look more awake and ready to take on the day.

B.B. cream
What’s better than applying a full foundation? Applying B.B. cream! If you don’t have the time or the inclination to wear full coverage foundation (we don’t blame you) you can instead opt for a tinted moisturizer which will awaken your skin and give it a clearer complexion for the day ahead. You won’t have to feel as if your skin is suffocating because it will still be able to breathe, and your skin will feel smoother and your complexion more even right away.

Once a week moisturise-a-thon
Even as a busy mum you will likely have one or two times a week where you are able to spend a little time on yourself. A good way to spend this time is to moisturize yourself from head to toe. This means applying lotion on your body, having a hydrating face mask followed by some serum, and putting a deep conditioning treatment into your hair. All of these things can make a huge difference to your skin and hair and it will keep you looking and feeling beautiful every single day.

Look after your face
Your skin care is the most crucial thing you can do to look and feel amazing every single day, and as a Mum, it will also save you having to feel like you need makeup every day. Skincare can be the difference between a youthful glow and tired looking incredibly tired, and this is why it can be a good idea for you to keep up a good routine each and every day. One of the best types of routine you can do for your skin is actually a Japanese routine which has a fair few steps. It involves cleansing your face twice, exfoliating a few times a week and applying moisturizer and toner each day too. Although it can sound a little bit too intimidating and like too much work, if you can do this for 20 minutes each day it can really make a huge difference to your skin and your confidence too. You’ll be able to rock the no makeup look every single day without question.

Eat lots of vitamin C
Vitamin C is something which can be found in citrus fruits, apples, berries, and even some vegetables, and it is a vitamin which is perfect for you if you want to stay looking youthful for years and years to come. Vitamin C is a chemical which is used in the body in several ways, and one of those ways is to help produce a substance known as collagen. Collagen is a substance which helps to keep our skin elastic and youthful and this is why a good volume of Vitamin C in your diet is a great idea.

Get sleep when you can
Sleep is more crucial for your health and your beauty than you could ever know. As a mum, you will always want to make sure that you are getting enough sleep to stay alert for your baby, and also to make sure that you don’t become ill and unable to look after your child. Make sure that every day you get as much sleep as you can, even if it means joining your baby in their afternoon nap. We all need sleep to keep our body functioning to the best of its ability and sleep can give our body the time to rid itself of toxins.

Use gradual tan
If you don’t want to feel like a ghost every single day and you don’t have the chance to get out of the house much, gradual tan can be a great beauty hack. It is a fact that darker and more golden skin makes us look slimmer, so if you have been having some body confidence issues this could be a great hack to give you a quick dose of confidence.

Use quick hair hacks
Styling your hair every day might have been something you used to do before having a baby, but these days it likely consists of brushing your hair and placing it in a messy bun on top of your head. The notion of being able to curl your hair every day can seem like a stretch and no one wants to spend half an hour curling their tresses every single day. The good news is that if you enjoy having curly hair, you can achieve it in less than 10 minutes with a simple trick. To curl in rapid fashion you need to place your hair in a high ponytail and take small sections of this to curl. If you take 8-10 sections of hair you will be able to curl it in just over 5 minutes and honestly, this can make a huge difference to your look. Once you are done let your hair down and comb through it with your fingers for sexy curls in no time at all!

Soothe dry eyes
Staying up a lot in the middle of the night, working hour after hour to keep your baby happy and never relaxing can take a toll on your eyes and leave them dry. This is why getting yourself some eye drops such as the Optrex Eyedew can be a lifesaver. You’ll be able to hydrate your eyes in seconds and make them look sparkling and alive instantly.

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