Saturday, April 28, 2018

LAVANILA Elements Collection Vanilla + Water Deodorant Review

Choosing a deodorant to fit your needs and lifestyle can be overwhelming but LAVANILA has a deodorant to suit your mood, energy and senses.

The LAVANILA Elements Collection is a collection of fresh, energizing deodorants where health and wellness collide. Inspired by some of the core elements of nature — Air, Water and Earth— these aluminum-free deodorants are infused with carefully curated blends of pure essential oils to awaken our connection to the Elements and the immense power within them. 

  • Vanilla + Air for Creativity: An uplifting, loral pairing of violet and rose, perfect for a budding artist or brainstorming session. 
  • Vanilla + Water for Peace: A calming blend of chamomile and jasmine ideal for yoga class or stressful meetings.
  • Vanilla + Earth for Balance: A warm and woody combination of patchouli and sandalwood that enhances focus and concentration.

energydots 'bioDot + smartdot' Review { Mother's Day Gift Guide}

Mother’s Day is approaching fast. It is the perfect time to show the mothers in our lives that we are thinking of them. One way to show them that we care is by helping protect them from those harmful electrical emissions which come with modern electronics. With all the wireless devices out there, the harm-potential is increasing. However, there is this amazing company, ‘Energydots’ which offers a range of self-adhesive ‘dots’ that have been programmed to harmonize the effects of man-made or non-optimum electrical emissions that surround us in our 'wireless' world. They are ultra-slim and can be stuck on any non-porous surface, making them extremely versatile and user-friendly, plus they look very stylish. During my review I received the bioDOT + smartDOT

The range includes;
  • bioDOT boosts your energy and reduces stress levels
  • sleepMAT enhances the quality of your sleep
  • smartDOT help reduce ‘hot ear’, headaches from mobile devices
  • aquaDOT revitalizes the water and other liquids
  • spaceDOT or space pyramid clears and re-energizes  the environment in your home or work space

House Party Opportunity: Possible FREE Ball Canning Party

Right now you can head over and apply to host a FREE Ball Canning House PartyThis event is only open to residents of the contiguous US.

If you’re selected and confirmed as a host, your exclusive Party Pack will contain:
  • Ball Quilted Crystal 8 Oz. Jelly Jars
  • Ball Enamel Water Bath Canner with rack
  • Ball Canning Accessory Kit
  • Step-by-Step instructions with visuals to preserve Mixed Berry Jam
  • And more

FREE Vegan Life Chewable Vitamins Sample

Head over and fill out the form to receive a FREE Vegan Life Chewable Vitamins Sample. You can choose between: Chewable Vitamin B12 or Chewable Vitamin D3. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. While supplies last.