Funcl Wireless Headphones Review {2018 Holiday Gift Guide}

Monday, December 17, 2018

Headphones; we all love them and many of us have many pairs of them just lying around. They are great for so many different situations: exercising, shopping, playing games, listening to music, or even watching a movie. The awesome thing is most modern headphones include a built-in speaker, allowing you to talk on your phone while using them. These hybrid headphones are a much better and less-expensive option than a traditional Bluetooth earpiece, which typical is NOT comfortable, and only offers mono sound in whichever ear you have it in. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could find quality headphones that sound great, have long battery life and are functional at an affordable price? Recently, I had the opportunity to work with Funcl and they were kind enough to send me two different styles of wireless headphones. During my review, I received the Funcl W1 and the Funcl AI. 

Funcl W1 (white) are Bluetooth 5.0 wireless headphones priced at $19, coming with various features you could only find on other brands with a price tag of $100.

Funcl AI (black) is the most affordable aptX headphones ($54), gathering all the features to offer a perfect wireless experience for mobile gamers and more.

I decided to take the Funcl W1 headphones for myself and hubby took the Funcl AI for himself. The cases are slim and fit perfectly inside your pocket, car, purse, or just about anywhere you want to store them. On the back side of the cases, you can plug in the charger. The charger can plug into any USB to charge the case and headphones. The charging case as well as the headphones light up to let you know different things if they are going dead, are charging, and more. The headphones do need to be placed in the corresponding R and L slots to charge properly. The case and the headphones are both labeled. 

The setup is very easy to be able to use your headphones. Simply pair the headphones via the phone’s Bluetooth settings. Both pairs I reviewed connected to my iPhone and my hubby’s MotoZ Android with zero issues. The sound quality of these little earbuds is amazing! I was very impressed with how crystal clear the sounds came through. The important thing is that the person on the other end also said the sound quality was nice. The most awesome and modern feature of these headphones is their touch-control features. There are no actual buttons or switches on the headphones. The F on the headphones is the location for tap control. The R and L headphones each do different functions depending on the taps you do. For example, 1 tap on the L headphone will hang up the phone while the R headphone with 1 tap will pause the music. There are more taps and more functions with taps. I really like this feature.

I am very impressed with everything about these headphones. They sound great, fit in our ears with ease while staying in place, look stylish, and offer everything I look for in headphones for the fraction of the price.

Funcl: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Indiegogo

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  2. These sound like great headphones. I would love to have a set myself!

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