Family Game Night with Googly Eyes, Sequence, and Mastermind: Review/Giveaway {2018 Holiday Gift Guide}

Monday, December 10, 2018

My family loves spending time together. The thing that we love the most is family game night. Sometimes we will play a game that takes hours or lasts for several games. All you need for an amazing game night is fun games, snack food, and the people you want to spend time with. Recently, I had the opportunity to review a few games that allowed our family to have fun, be goofy, and also use our noggins. We had the opportunity to try: Googly Eyes, Sequence, and Mastermind

Googly Eyes was a game that the whole family could play together. It is intended for ages 7 and up. Lillian is only 5 but she had a blast trying to play with the rest of the family. This game is great for parties because you can have 4-16 players. The game is hilarious, watching everyone try to draw while seeing crazy, then trying to guess the crazy drawings. You play in teams and take turns within your team guessing and drawing. There are three different sets of lenses that range from mild vision changes, to basically blind vision distortion (easy, medium, and hard).

To play the game simply pick your team, roll the dice and move. The space you land on tells you which color of lens to use. Pick a card, set a timer and start drawing. If your team then guesses correctly, you get to roll and move again. If not, then you stay where you are on the board. The first team to reach the end wins.

This is such, a fun and hilarious game to play with the whole family. Plus, you never know who will make a masterpiece without even realizing it.  
Mastermind is great for 2 players ages 8 and up. This game is great to take with you on trips because the game itself also holds all the pieces. Mastermind is a game that requires you to break the code. This is a fun challenging game that really makes you think about every move. 

One person is the Codemaker while the other player is the Codebreaker, The Codemaker will make a code that is hidden on the game board from the Codebreaker with a sequence of four colored pegs. You can use the same color multiple times and even right beside each other. The Codebreaker has 10 moves to break the code. After each move of the codebreaker, the codemaker will give clues as to how many pegs were correct and which ones. You will have to be able to look at the clues and your pegs to determine what the correct code is. This game will really test you while having fun.

Sequence is a board game that uses playing cards and chips. This game is for ages 7 and up. It can be played with 2 players all the way to 12 players. I love that this game can be played as an individual game or be played in teams. 

This is a strategy game and really requires you to think about your moves versus other games that you just follow the path. I think it is a great game for kids to help teach them about thinking head about your moves and adults to keep our minds active. The game was tricky at first learning how to play because it is unlike any other games that I have played. However, once you get the hang of it, you will love it. 

You simply play a card from your hand, place a chip on the corresponding space that is on the game board. When you have five chips on the board in a row (horizontally, diagonally, or vertically) you win. You also can block your opponents by removing their chips. The Jacks have special abilities. Awesome game to play and get your mind working!

All these games were a blast for the family. We had fun laughing, learning, and testing our brains. 

One lucky winner will have the chance to win all of the games that my family had the chance to enjoy! Good Luck!

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  1. These look like exciting games! Our son would probably like the Googly Eyes one!

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  3. My mother plays board games with her grand kids all the time. They would love these!!

  4. My family enjoys playing games together. I think my girls would like the Googly Eyes game!

  5. These games look fun. My family loves to get together and play games.

  6. Love these games. My favorite is defiantly sequence

  7. The Sequence game looks fun! That probably would be my favorite!


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