Home Learning Company: Allie Gator Chomp & Grab the Match {Review}

Monday, November 5, 2018

Allie Gator is hungry from playing in the swamp all day and she's ready for a snack! Help Allie CHOMP some ooey, gooey worm pie by matching your illustration and numeral cards to the correct color and number sight word cards. But, BEWARE! All players are trying to CHOMP and claim pies for themselves. In this game of color and number sight word matches, the player to collect the MOST pies is the winner.

Early childhood development with Allie Gator Chomp
  • AGES: 3+ | PLAYERS: 2-4
  • color identification
  • numeral recognition
  • sight word recognition
  • matching 
  • cognitive skills (attention, focus, concentration, planning)
  • fine motor skills (holding the cards)
  • visual motor skills
  • visual perceptual skills (looking down to see which card to play next, scanning your cards to determine which to play, distinguishing the differences between your cards)

Lillian loves playing Allie Gator Chomp, she loves the pretty purple and pink cards. The game is very easy for little ones to play with and have fun while learning. There are two different decks of cards: the pink Allie cards and the purple Mama's pie cards. You give each player seven pink Allie cards and put the remaining stack in the middle of the playing area. Then simply place 4 purple cards around the pink Allie card, one on each side.
At the beginning of your turn, you draw a card. If any of the cards in your hand match any of the 4 Mama pie cards, you place it on the one that it matches. When any of the 4 Mama Pie cards has a total of 2 matching cards placed on it, you get to take that stack. Whoever has the most card stacks at the end wins.

This is a great way to teach little ones how to read color and number words. It also teaches matching with corresponding numbers and colors of everyday objects. Lillian has had a blast with this game!

A classic game of memory and matching with a twist! Flip over the brightly colored cards to reveal shapes, colors, and corresponding sight words. Challenge everyone in the family to collect the most matches and be named the ultimate Grab the Match CHAMPION!

With 10 sets of colors and shapes comprising this game, use as many or as few pairs to customize to the skill level of your children. Perfect for families with varying age ranges!

Early childhood development with Grab the Match

  • PLAYERS: 1+ 
  • color identification
  • shape recognition
  • sight word recognition
  • matching
  • cognitive skills (memory, attention, focus, concentration, planning)
  • visual motor skills

Grab the Match is a classic game of memory and matching. Flip over a card and find its match. Whoever has the most cards at the ends wins! Lillian loves matching games so it came as no surprise that she loved this one too! This game is a little different and more advanced than a typical kid’s memory matching game though. If you flip over the word yellow (color as well) and you flip over a crescent moon that is yellow, you have a match. Or if you flip over the word oval you need to find the card that has ovals on it. This game teaches colors, shapes, and sight-word recognition through matching. It is a fun game to play with younger kids who are already in school learning.

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