Home Learning Company: Mama Mia Meatball Count {Review}

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Mama Mia Meatball Count $8.99

In this deliciously, fast-paced card game, players take turns matching the number of meatballs, plate color, OR plate shape. Watch out for the fork, diner’s choice, and pass-a-meatball cards, though, as they will change your game in the blink of an eye. This game is fun for all ages and will have you shouting “Mama Mia!"

Multi-level play: In addition to playing the Mama Mia Meatball Count game, these over-sized, brightly colored cards are perfect for practicing additional early learning concepts:

  • Ages 18m+: Practice fine motor skills and counting by placing small objects (cereal, candy, small blocks, crafting pom poms) onto the meatballs.
  • Ages 5+: Make learning basic addition and subtraction fun by using the plates of meatballs ("what is 2 meatballs plus 3 meatballs?")
  • Ages 6+: Introduce skip counting, even/odd numbers, and greater than/less than with meatballs!

Early Childhood Development:
  • color identification
  • shape recognition
  • counting awareness
  • matching
  • addition & subtraction
  • odd & even number differentiation
  • greater than/less than comparison
  • fine motor skills (holding the cards, placing objects onto cards)
  • cognitive skills (attention, focus, concentration)
  • visual motor skills
  • visual perceptual skills (looking down to see which card to play next, distinguishing the difference between cards)

The Mama Mia Meatball game is a really fun and educational game to play with your kiddos. It is a faster-paced game which is nice for younger kids, as it prevents them from getting bored and losing focus. The games are short, which is another thing that helps with easily keeping my daughter's attention throughout several rounds of play. The game incorporates matching, as well as color and shape recognition. My daughter is 5 and I was able to play the game a little more advanced so we could work on adding and subtracting small numbers, learning the difference between odd and even numbers, as well as greater than and less than concepts. 

During the game, you are also introduced to the fork, diner's choice, and pass-a-meatball card. These 3 cards will change up the game and will teach kids that sometimes your turn does not always end the way you thought it would. It also teaches kids that during a game there can be different moves and rules. Lillian is having a blast with this game just as she has been with all the games from Home Learning Company. The best part is that she has fun while learning. 

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