Spartan & The Green Egg - Book 4: The Poachers of Tiger Mountain Review

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Title: Spartan & The Green Egg - Book 4: The Poachers of Tiger Mountain
ISBN: 978-0996642224
 Author: Nabila Khashoggi 
Illustrator: Manuel Cadag 
Price: $18.99 Hardcover | 79 pages
Genre: Children’s Literature
Available: WebsiteAmazon

Spartan and friends travel to the Kingdom of Bhutan in Book 4, The Poachers of Tiger Mountain. The travelers arrive at a village hosting a lively archery tournament as part of a Bhutanese festival. They make new friends who invite them to join the feast and watch the performance. Soon the group discovers that poachers have killed off many of the tigers that used to thrive in Bhutan, and now only 2 cubs remain. They face their most challenging mission yet: to save man-eating tigers from armed poachers amidst freezing weather conditions in the Himalayan Mountains! Using a few extraterrestrial tools and assistance from their new Bhutanese friends, the group embarks on a very dangerous mission. Will they arrive too late to save the tigers?


‘Spartan & The Green Egg: The Poachers of Tiger Mountain” is the fourth book in the Spartan and the Green Egg series. Despite never reading the first three books, I went ahead and read only this one, it was very easy to understand the story without feeling like you are missing vital knowledge from the first books. This is a very fascinating story which offers a whole world of adventure for a group of kids. The kids are Explorer’s while the Green Egg is their ship. It is a fascinating ship, propelling them to their adventures faster than the speed of light! The kids develop different superpowers, which are actually provided by the Green Egg, during their different adventures.

At one point the Explorers travel to Bhutan in the Green Egg. Within a few minutes the kids are feeling the elements of the weather, seeing endangered animals, and almost being shot with an arrow while exploring a town they had mistaken for a ghost town. Soon, the kids realize there is an arrow-shooting tournament and festival happening in the town square. This is where the kids get to learn about a different culture, experience different and new food, and make new friends. 

While watching a play being put on by the villagers, they learn about how evil poachers are after two orphaned tiger cubs. It does not take long before the kids decide to do whatever they can to save the tigers and deliver them to Tiger Mountain. They must reach Tiger Mountain to escape the poachers. While on the mission they get help from each other and get help from their new friends in the Green Egg. 

This book is in the layout of a comic book. The book teaches children about courage, working together, Being open to new people and experiences, and to treat others with compassion. They get to learn about different countries, people, cultures, and endangered animals. Throughout the book, there are a lot of pictures which really draw you in and capture your full attention. It is very easy to read and follow along. It is appropriate for kids young or older. Your children can learn more about the explorers and also join the Explorer’s Club on the Spartan and the Green Egg website. 

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