How Being A Stay At Home Parent Prepares You For The World Of Work

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

When you first become a parent, you get thrown into the deep end and you quickly have to learn to fend for yourself. That’s incredibly scary but it’s also a great opportunity. You’re going to learn so many new skills that will help you in all areas of life, not just parenting. Those skills will help you in later life if you decide to get back into work after the kids have left home. Stay at home parents often worry that they’ll be at a disadvantage when they’re getting back into work after so long because they lack the experience of their peers. But often, the opposite is true. There’s no job in the world that’s harder than being a parent and any job you take afterward is going to be easy in comparison. These are just some of the amazing skills that you learn as a parent which will help you in the world of work. 

Stress Management 
Stress management is a big problem for people these days. With working hours getting longer and workloads becoming more intense, people often struggle with stress. There are a lot of things that people don’t tell you about being a parent; when you first discover these challenges on your own, it’s incredibly stressful. But you’ll overcome those challenges and learn to handle all of that stress, you don’t have a choice. Compared to the stress of parenthood, you’ll be able to handle anything that the world of work can throw at you. Being able to manage stress easily is an attribute that employers will love. 

Organizational Skills 
There are a lot of jobs out there that require great organizational skills. People develop those skills through experience at work but they’ll never know the true meaning of organization until they’ve tried to get all of the kids ready for school on time. If you’re thinking about getting back to work in later life, those organizational skills will serve you well. For example, if you did an engineering management masters online, you’d be more than qualified to work in a job managing a team of people. Trying to organize and direct a group of adults is a walk in the park compared with trying to organize a family. 

Relationship Skills 
People often underestimate the importance of relationship skills in the business world but they’re essential. It’s important for people to maintain a good working relationship with their coworkers and in some jobs, you’ll need to build good relationships with customers. When you’re raising a family, you need to work on your relationship with your spouse and your children, which is a lot harder than building relationships with the people that you work with. Employers will always be looking for people that can work alongside others from all walks of life. As a parent, you’ll develop those skills easily. 

If you’re worried about returning to work when the kids leave home, don’t be. You’re probably more qualified than a lot of the people you’re up against. 

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