4 Unusual Relaxation Ideas For Moms

Thursday, September 27, 2018

If you were to ask most people for advice on reducing stress as a mom, the answers you’d receive would be fairly similar: 

  • “You should go for a walk.” 
  • “Spend a day being pampered at a spa.” 
  • “Take a bubble bath and relax for a while.” 
  • “Listen to music.” 
  • “Hire a babysitter and go on a date night with your partner.” 
  • … and so on. 

It’s important to note that these common suggests genuinely can be beneficial, and it’s well worth giving them a try if you’re looking to alleviate issues with stress. However, it’s also important to note that everyone is different - and what other parents find useful to de-stress is not necessarily suitable for you. 

As a result, below, we’ve examined some of the more unusual methods that moms can use to de-stress. If the conventional wisdom hasn’t been working for you, then it might be worth trying these more unusual ideas… 

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1) Organize something
Many moms find that organization is inherently beneficial for stress, as it allows them to enjoy an element of control. Oddly enough, this isn’t just a quirk of personality; there are actually genuine benefits to be enjoyed if you feel your life is more organized, so this is definitely an idea worth trying.

2) Play mobile games 
Mobile games may be seen as a hobby for teenagers, but there’s no reason why moms can’t enjoy the experience of vanishing into a fantasy world to complete tasks. Mobile games are the perfect choice for moms who are constantly on the move, as you don’t have to be rooted to one spot to play; Final Fantasy, the game for mobile devices, is a great choice to start with, and if you find this helpful in reducing stress, you can try additional titles in the future.

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3) Laugh 
Odd as it may sound, laughter really is good for you: it helps to reduce stress hormones in the body and also boosts “good mood” hormones to boot. Interestingly, most studies have shown that the laughter doesn’t have to necessarily be genuine to provide these benefits; fake laughter works in much the same way. While the idea of forcing yourself to laugh to help relieve stress may feel bizarre at first, you may well find that it’s incredibly useful, and it’s also incredibly easy to do if you’re short on time. 

4) Ban clocks 
Another unusual idea, but one that can help to relieve any stress that is being caused by the familiar “there aren’t enough hours in the day” feeling. While this de-stressing technique is inadvisable if you have set appointments to attend, it can work well in evenings or on days where your schedule is more flexible. All you have to do is remove clocks: avert your eyes from reading the time when using a smartphone or computer, and turn any physical clocks to the wall. Many Moms find that being able to do things based on their own perception of time, rather than sticking to a strict schedule constantly, is incredibly useful in helping them feel less stressed.

I hope the unusual techniques as listed are able to help you manage any stress you are experiencing - good luck! 

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