Struggling To Conceive: Thoughts To Keep In Mind

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

One of the greatest challenges that any woman faces is found when seeking to become pregnant, but struggling to conceive. Women who experience this frustrating, and often heartbreaking, the process can often find themselves challenged on a daily basis, feeling as if they have lost control of their bodies, and questioning themselves endlessly.

There are no words that can soothe the pain you will feel if you, too, experience conception issues. Whether you are seeking to conceive your first child or your fifth, the issue is still challenging, difficult to process, and hard to cope with on a daily basis.

While words alone can do little to diminish this issue, there are a few things it can be helpful to keep in mind when experiencing conception struggles. These thoughts can become mantras of sorts; something you hold to yourself and find strength in. Below, you will find a few thoughts that may be beneficial during this period in your life.

“Conception takes time.”

You may have heard statistics regarding conception, and been troubled by the fact that your experience is an outlier to the generalized experience. However, it’s important to remember that statistics are impersonal, and simply cannot apply to every situation. Older women and those with conditions such as PCOS will usually take longer to conceive, which is completely normal - what’s more, it’s worth keeping in mind that, even without these complicating factors, conception is not a quick process in a huge number of cases. Having to wait to conceive is not unusual, nor is it a sign that there is an issue to be addressed; sometimes, nature just moves a little slower than we humans would prefer.

“I am not alone.”

Trying to conceive is an incredibly lonely time, with many women feeling they cannot share their experience with their friends and family for fear of questioning on how things are going. If you do not feel comfortable discussing the matter with your normal support network, then you do still have options; there are plenty of online forums, Facebook groups, and even subreddits that unite women who are trying to conceive and allow them to share their experience.

Sometimes, just knowing the communities are there if you need them is sufficient reassurance. However, if you do decide to engage, you can be sure of a warm, understanding welcome from women in the same situation as you.

“I have options.”

If conception does not happen for you, it’s important to remember that this is far from the end of the road. There are a great many techniques that can be utilized to aid conception, so it’s worth taking the time to research to see if you would be a good candidate for IUI and other forms of conception therapies. While you may never need to action this research, reminding yourself that it’s there if you need it can be hugely beneficial to your state of mind.

In conclusion

The journey to conception is not always a smooth one and can take far longer - and be far more emotionally stressful - than you ever imagined. If possible, seek to hold the thoughts above to you when you’re feeling low, and remember that your future is still waiting to be lived.

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