4 Ways To Make Healthy Food More Interesting

Thursday, August 16, 2018

How often have you heard somebody say that healthy food is boring? So many of us struggle to stick to a good diet because we end up eating the same stuff all the time and it’s not that exciting. But it doesn’t have to be that way. It is absolutely possible to cook delicious, varied meals that are also good for you. If you’re struggling to cook healthy food that you love to eat, here are some simple ways to make things a little more interesting.

Follow Food Bloggers

Finding good recipes is the best way to improve your healthy eating regime and your best source for it is food bloggers. There are so many different ones out there, most of them specializing in a certain area. You’ll find thousands of people posting regular recipes for healthy meals and they’re usually cheap and easy to make. Vegetarian and vegan recipes are massively popular at the moment so you’ll find plenty of that on there. You can pick up lots of great tips on how to turn boring vegetables into delicious meals. You can follow the recipes to start with but as you get more confident, you can use what you’ve learned to start coming up with your own recipes as well. Most of them post every day so if you follow a couple, you’ll have a recipe for every day of the week.

Buy More Equipment

If you want to get creative with your cooking, you probably need a lot of equipment. People often struggle to make more interesting things because they check recipes, only to realize that they don’t have everything they need in their kitchen. Investing in things like food processors, steamers, and air fryers will open up a lot of possibilities for you and you’ll be able to start using all of those amazing recipes that you’ve found online. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, check out Healthy But Smart; they post a lot of reviews of kitchen gadgets to help you pick the best ones. A well-equipped kitchen is the key to creating interesting and, more importantly, varied meals.

Try Food Substitutes

Meat substitutes were pretty rubbish in the past and it was only vegetarians or vegans that ate them. But since those diets have become more popular in the last couple of years, more companies have started investing in creating healthier substitutes for bad foods and a lot of them are delicious. Things like bean pasta, quorn, and cauliflower burgers are widely available now and they make a great healthy alternative to the foods that you wish you incorporate into your healthy diet.

Learn How To Use Spices

Another big problem people have with healthy food is that it’s a bit bland. You get a lot of flavour from food that is fried or has a high salt content in it, but when you take that bad stuff away, you can lose flavor. But you can put that flavor back in if you learn how to use spices properly. Add them to a bland meal to turn into something delicious without having to make it unhealthy.

Try these simple tips and tricks and you should find it a lot easier to stick to your healthy eating regime.   

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