Peaceable Kingdom, A MindWare Brand: Gnomes at Night Review

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Someone has stolen the Queen’s treasures and has dropped them in the castle’s twisty maze. Luckily, the trusty gnomes are here to help! Players work together to maneuver the magnetic gnome movers around the mazes to collect all the treasures before time runs out. Use communication, strategy and quick thinking to find the treasures and win the game! INCLUDES: 4 game boards, 22 playing cards, 2 game board holders, 2 magnetic gnome movers, 1 sand timer and instructions.
Age Recommendation: Ages 6 and up | Number of Players: 2, 3, 4

Families need board games. The togetherness, the disconnection from other distractions, there are many good reasons to play! Gnomes at Night was a fun game for the whole family. Not only do you get to enjoy playing as a team to get treasure, but you also learn how to effectively work together constructively. The object of the game is to find who stole the Queen’s treasures. This task is left up to you and your team. You’ll work together to find all of the treasures along the castle’s twisting mazes. 

There are a total of four different game boards ranging from A – D in skill. ‘A’ is the easiest level, it is great for beginners and younger kids. ‘D’ is for older kids who are used to the game. The box itself doubles as the castle to help hold up the game boards. There are also two magnetic gnomes, as well as 22 playing cards which consist of treasures to find and what corner to start from. 

When you set the game up, the game-board that you are playing on stands up instead of lying flat on the table. There will be a person on each side of the board with a gnome as their player piece. You draw a card to see what corner of the board you start on and attach your gnomes on the same spot on opposite sides of the board. The magnetic attraction between the gnomes keeps them from falling off of the board (Even the pieces must work together!). You then take turns flipping one treasure card at a time and working together to get to the piece. When you reach the treasure you pick a new card and do it all again, all while trying to beat the clock. 

You will need to communicate, use strategy, and be fast with your thinking. Work, but remember things like; when a wall on your side is blocking you, your teammate on the other side can slide you through. Kids really learn valuable teamwork lessons from interaction such as this game. Honestly, this is the most I have seen my kids communicate with each other to win a game. That, of course, is worth as much as anything in today’s world of digital distractions.

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