50 Summer Activities To Do With Your Kids Before School Starts

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Our family spends a lot of time outdoors unless the weather is working against us. Sometimes it is storming, or way too hot to venture outside until evening when the sun starts to set. I love to encourage my kids to be active while at the same time limiting their screen time. With summer coming to an end (my kids don’t like to hear that), here is a list of 50 things that will help you make the best out of what is left of summer. There is a little bit of everything in the mix; hands-on activities, games, trips and other ideas. There is plenty of time to make some more summer memories with your family before school starts.

  1. Swim at the beach or pool.
  2. Jump on a trampoline.
  3. Go to a drive-in or to the movies. 
  4. Take a long drive with the family and explore new roads.
  5. Play croquet.
  6. Play badminton then you can use the same net for volleyball.
  7. Blow bubbles. See who can make the biggest ones and how far they will go. 
  8. Ride bikes around your neighborhood.
  9. Teach your kiddos how to skip stones on water.
  10. Go to the park and walk around and play on the playground.
  11. Set up a blanket under a shade tree. Read a book together and talk.
  12. Go fishing.
  13. Fly kites on a windy day.
  14. Catch lightning bugs 
  15. Go on a nature hike. Do a scavenger nature hunt while you are hiking.
  16. Go get ice cream or milkshakes 
  17. Make a sidewalk chalk obstacle course.
  18. Make paper airplanes.
  19. Take a blanket outside at night and look up at the stars with your family. You can also set up a telescope.
  20. Play outside in the rain with no shoes: play games, ride bikes, get the squirt guns out. Enjoy!
  21. Take your kids to a local Farmer’s Market.
  22. Go bowling.
  23. Make rock candy.
  24. Go to a waterpark.
  25. Go to the zoo.
  26. Go to an amusement park and see who can scream the loudest on the roller coasters.
  27. Try some science experiments.
  28. Play miniature golf.
  29. Build a fort indoors or outdoors with blankets, pillows, and boxes.
  30. Have a movie night with the family. Make popcorn, get blankets and pillows and stay up way late.
  31. Go on a day trip and visit a new place.
  32. Make your own outdoor drive in with family and friends.
  33. Have a game night; Scrabble, Life, Sorry, Candy Land, and more!
  34. Go camping at a campsite, your backyard or even in your living room!
  35. Build a puzzle.
  36. Go to a butterfly garden.
  37. Rent a kayak or canoe and enjoy the water.
  38. Make a bomb fire and roast hotdogs and marshmallows.
  39. Make a bird feeder and learn about the different birds that come to the feeder.
  40. Plan a BBQ with family and friends.
  41. Play a card game.
  42. Go to the county fair and get; cotton candy, fries, candy apples and a funnel cake.
  43. Go to a diner and let the kids eat at the counter.
  44. Pack a picnic and go to a park and eat. You can also have a picnic in your yard.
  45. Make chalk spray.
  46. Make cloud dough.
  47. Make homemade pizza.
  48. Make a dessert; cupcakes, cookies or a cake.
  49. Go to a local museum. 
  50. Go work in the garden.

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  1. Also besides being a good list of things to do with the kids, quite a few of them are good ideas for dates for mom and dad too, even if their kids are all grown up now and they are empty nesters like us, still FUN!


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