Scratch & Draw Enchanted Animals Review

Monday, June 11, 2018

Title: Scratch & Draw Enchanted Animals
ISBN: 9781631595110
 Author: Marisa Redondo
Price: $19.99 Paperback
20 pages 
Available: Barnes & Noble | Amazon

Create 20 of your very own decorative pieces of art with Scratch & Draw Enchanted Animals. Forget about coloring in, it's time to start scratching out!

Use the included stylus in this unique scratch book to scuff, scrape, and scratch dark metallic coating away from the pages and create art of your own. Scratch & Draw Enchanted Animals features 20 inspirational and decorative illustrations of:

  • Rabbits and dandelions
  • Woodland raccoons
  • Elegant owls,
  • Foxes
  • Bears
A whole forest worth of other enchanting wildlife.
Each drawing is created with simple lines and shapes. You can either follow along with the drawings or feel free to design your own variations as you create your own personalized scratch art on the opposite page. Sit back and relax with this meditative and pleasant art activity.

Revealing enchanting animals and their world may just be the perfect way to unwind after a stressful day of adult life. And best yet, each page is perforated, so your beautiful animal designs are ready to tear out and display!

The “Scratch & Draw Enchanted Animals” Book is a really neat booklet of creativity. I cannot call it a traditional book, because it simply isn’t traditional or a book at all. Have you ever seen a book that comes with a stylus? You might be thinking: “What kind of touch-screen could possibly be used in a book?” Well, this stylus is not used for a screen at all. It is used to create art! Scratch & Draw Enchanted Animals is 20 pages of creative possibility. It is a very original idea that is cleverly executed. Each “Page” is laid out like this: the page on the left has a simple sketch drawing of an adorable animal friend, the page on the right looks painted in a solid color. The “paint” covers almost all of the page and is surrounded by a narrow border that represents the color behind the paint. You take the stylus and begin to scratch the paint, there is a pointy end for making finer lines, and a broad end, to scratch away larger stripes of the paint. Each scratch reveals the color of the paper behind the paint, giving a great contrast and look to your picture, as you scratch along. The picture to the left was drawn by a sketch-artist and is meant to either be recreated using the stylus (scratching-tool), or at least to serve as motivation for your own creation. 

The scratch-away “paint” on each page is very similar to a scratch-off lottery ticket in its functionality, but it is much thicker, and scratches away more smoothly. I was impressed with how clean the lines were, both with using the pointy “detailing” end, or the more broad striping end. No chunks came off, only the area that the tool covered. The page that holds the paint is thick enough to not dent the following page, and scratching one page will not cause paint to come off of the next. As this is meant for kids and younger teenagers, the stylus isn’t too pointy, it is perfect for its purpose. The art is simple, yet very inspirational, and the book makes kids interact in a way that is more creative than just playing a game, or browsing on an electronic device. The overall look of the book, from cover to cover, is very elegant, yet brought to life as the pictures are created. 

Although ‘Scratch & Draw Enchanted Animals’ is innovative, it is also a throwback in a couple of ways. The stylus reminds me of those doodle-pads that let you draw on a plastic film, and then lift up to “erase” the picture, these were very popular when I was growing up, but are still widely available. Obviously, your Scratch-Art will be permanent, and much higher quality materials are used all around. The second throwback feeling I got while using this was of those old ‘choose your own adventure’ books that allowed you to make the decisions for characters in the story, and then read the consequences or reward. This book doesn’t have a story, or a narrative at all, but you interact with it much in the same way. First, you choose whether you will follow the picture-guide and try to recreate the artist’s sketch, or make your own creation and try something original. The results could be great either way!

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