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Saturday, June 30, 2018

A mischievous mouse has snuck into the cats’ garden and stolen their bowl of delicious treats! To get their treats back, the four cats must surround the mouse before he escapes under the garden fence. Players will need to use teamwork and strategy to catch the mouse and win the game. INCLUDES: 1 game board, 4 cat movers, 1 mouse mover, 1 cat die, 1 mouse die and instructions.
Age Recommendation: Ages 6 and up | Number of Players: 2, 3, 4
If you are looking for, or enjoy games that require teamwork, then this is the perfect example of such a game. Catch isn’t about one winning or losing over each other. This game instead promotes teamwork, healthy old-fashioned working together. There is a single mouse and four cat figurines to move around the colorful game board. Included also is a dice that is used for the mouse and a number dice used for the cats. 

This game also requires active thinking, more so than other games I have played with my children. I think this is great because it is really opening up their minds and promoting strategy. The objective is to catch the mouse, and the direction you choose to accomplish this has a real effect on the potential outcome.

When you set up the game you put a cat on each corner, it does not matter which goes where. The mouse is set in the middle. When you roll the dice, if you get a color, that is the color you follow for the mouse. However, the dice can change the direction you are going. If you land on a green tile you will head toward the green fence. If you roll a red, then you have to move the mouse toward the red fence. You never really know which direction the mouse is going to turn to from one move to the next.

The number dice is how you move the cat. If you roll a two simply move your cat 2 tiles anyway but diagonally. You can also move any cat you would like for your move. This means when you roll, you move the mouse then a cat. If the mouse touches the fence the game is over and the mouse has won. However, if you are able to block the mouse with a cat on all four sides as a team you win!

The kids as well as I had a great time working together as a team to win the game. The first time we didn’t win, however, the second time we did. We had fun, however my four year old was unable to play the game properly, but we included her, helping her with her turn and explaining what we were doing. The other kids were so involved, it kept her motivated, and I think she really learned something just from trying to help. This is such a fun game to play and really get your kids thinking about overall strategy and planning.

The best part about Catch is that there is no anger toward one another. The moves are not timed and the objective is to ultimately win as a team. Nobody gets mad at another player. If you rise to the occasion, you win together. It is a great game to promote early teamwork skills, and eliminate “sore losing” which results in flipped game-boards, temper tantrums, punishments, etc… It is innovative, new, and a great game for family and friends. It is highly recommended by myself and my family as a good constructive way to spend some fun together time.  

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