GoodCook Twister Ice Cream Scoop & 4-in-1 Opener Review {Father's Day Gift Guide}

Friday, June 1, 2018

My husband doesn’t use a lot of our kitchen tools or accessories. However, there are two tools that he does tend to use quite often; the ice cream scoop and the can opener. Recently, I had the chance to work with GoodCook once again to review both of these items. They are some amazing kitchen tools that would make anyone happy when it comes time for a bowl of ice cream or canned soup. During my review I received the Twister Ice Cream Scoop & the 4-in-1 Can Opener. I have worked with GoodCook in the past on some amazing products for making salads, and was left with very positive thoughts after experiencing the types of innovative products that they provide. 

GoodCook products reflect the brand’s personality—easy to understand, efficiently designed, bold, and attractive with an innovative take on its purpose. GoodCook also maintains the number one market share for kitchen tools & gadgets in grocery stores, currently marketed and distributed by Bradshaw Home in more than 35,000 retail store outlets in North America, which makes items easily accessible. 

GoodCook has just about every type of kitchen tool one could need at affordable prices. Kitchen categories include:
  • Gadgets (slicers, zesters, can openers and more)
  • Tools (Spatulas, knives, utensils, cutting boards, food prep and storage and more)
  • Storage – (food storage containers, Meals on the Run assortment, and more)
  • Bakeware (bakeware, carriers, stands, decorating, gifting and more)
  • Cast Iron cookware
  • Recipes and How To’s on the GoodCook website

Frozen solid, hard ice cream haunting your freezer? It’s time to enjoy it again with this patented auger shaped ice cream that twists through hard ice cream to create perfect round scoops.  The pointed edge allows the scooper to pierce into hard ice cream as the unique patented auger design twists through to create complete, perfectly round, ready-to-serve scoops with minimal effort.

Comfortable extra-wide handle for a sturdy non-slip grip for maximum efficiency

We all know that frustrated feeling you get when you open the freezer and pull out a tub of ice cream, only to find that you can’t get a scoop because it is so frozen. This ice cream scooper helps with that problem very effectively. The ice cream scoop itself does look a little intimidating due to the sharp pointy top but once you use it, you will have a new best friend for getting ice cream out of the tub. You simply jab the tip of the scooper into the ice cream and start twisting in either direction. You are then left with a fully round scoop of ice cream, without waiting for it to soften. The pointy tip and sharp edges really help cut though the ice cream. You don’t have to work nearly as hard or long to get that bowl of ice cream to enjoy. The handle is much wider and has rubber on it allowing you to have a much more comfortable grip, which I feel helps this product even more. It not only makes the process easier, but also more comfortable. It is truly a “win-win” solution of a product. My husband loves this, as he is always the go-to guy for chiseling hard ice-cream out of the container. 

The only can opener you'll ever need, this 4-in-1 gadget can do it all. The bottle-cap opener takes lids off beer bottles; the grip-twist wrench can open stubborn two-liter soda bottles; the can opener (with patented safe-cut technology) can cut off lids without leaving sharp edges behind; and the pull tab lifter helps pry open those cans with tabs. All while keeping a slim profile that'll fit in your drawer.

When I think of a can opener, I think of something that only opens cans of food. I don’t really think of it doing more than that. However, this can opener is a 4-in-1 which helps with many different things around the kitchen. It doesn’t take up much room for being able to do so many different jobs, helping it feel like a useful tool, not a gimmick, like so many other can openers do. In the middle of the can opener there is a hole that helps take off lids off of bottle of pop, or even a 2-liter. Perfect for those nights when we have pizza. In the same spot there is also a metal piece that takes bottle caps off more easily. Great for glass bottles with caps that don’t twist off. Then you have the can opening function. It cuts lids offs without leaving behind sharp edges, which is especially nice if you are having your kids help with dinner. Plus, there is a pull tab lifter, perfect to help with the pull tabs on certain cans of food. Great for anyone, especially certain spouses who may lack the finger-nail length, or are susceptible to broken nails. This is really a nice 4-in-1 tool that is great for everyone in the house.

Both of the items have exceeded my expectations and helped everyone in the house get to their favorite foods and snacks much easier and faster. They are subtle luxuries that not only make everyday tasks a little easier, but also help us get to our not-so-subtle luxuries.  

Where to purchase: You are able to make a purchase in more than  than 35,000 retail store online or in a store. Walmart | Amazon

GoodCook: Website | Facebook | Pinterest | YouTube

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