Benji and the Giant Kite: Children's Book Review / Giveaway (CLOSED)

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Title: Benji and the Giant Kite
ISBN: 978-1605374031
 Author: Alan C. Fox
Illustrator: Eefje Kuijl
Price: $17.95 Hardcover
32 pages | Age: 4-6 years | Grades: Pre-school - 1
Genre: Children’s Literature
Available: Barnes & Noble | Amazon

Benji adores kites. All kinds of kites – big or small, plain or fancy, square or diamond- shaped. He loves flying them at the beach, watching them float high in the sky. One day Benji sees a giant orange kite at the toy store. He wants it more than anything else – ever. But his mom explains that he’ll need to earn the money to buy the kite. So Benji buckles down and weeds the garden for the next two weeks – the vegetables in the morning and the flowers in the afternoon. It seems like he’ll never be done.

Finally the special day arrives, and Benji’s mom hands him the giant orange kite of his dreams. At the beach, Benji lets his kite soar higher and higher with every gust of wind. He watches it rise above the people, the hotdog stand, and even the houses beyond. Soon the kite becomes a distant speck in the sky. Benji is thrilled. But when it’s time to pull the kite down and head back home, Benji can’t bear to do it. He wants to set the kite free to fulfill its destiny among the clouds. Benji lets the twine go and the kite disappears into the sunset sky. The kite may still be up there yet.


Benji and the giant kite is a children’s book that comes as a breath of fresh air. It does everything that a children’s book should do. It encourages kids to have fun outside by giving them ideas for things to do. Flying a kite is a lot of fun, good exercise, and best of all, doesn’t need any batteries to operate. The book comes off as traditional, but teaches a valuable lesson about working for a reward. There are also trial and error moments, as well as lessons of perseverance folded into the pages. 

My youngest daughter really enjoyed the story as I read it to her. For me, as an adult, it really reminded me of a story that I read about kites when I was a kid. I can’t remember which story it was, it just took me back. I really enjoyed that, as well as really enjoying when Benji worked very hard for his mother. He did this so he could get a better kite. The story showed that he did a very good job, which I thought was a great hidden message for my own child.

Author: Alan C. Fox is the bestselling author of three books for adults, PEOPLE TOOLS, PEOPLE TOOLS FOR BUSINESS, and PEOPLE TOOLS FOR LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS. His two children’s books are BENJI AND THE 24 POUND BANANA SQUASH (Clavis 2017) and BENJI AND THE GIANT KITE (Clavis 2018). An entrepreneur, philanthropist, and relationships expert, Alan is also the publisher of the poetry magazine, Rattle. He founded a charity that works to maximize the potentional of youth as well as an organization that encourages young people to become active in helping others. Alan lives in Los Angeles, California. To learn more, visit Alan’s website:

Illustrator: Eefje Juijl, a graduate of the School of the Arts Utrech, creates colorful illustrations for children's books, magazines, postcards and more. She lives in The Netherlands with her partner Philip, her son Guus, daughter Fien, and their dog Jip. 

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