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Thursday, May 31, 2018

One thing is for sure; we all love to keep our little children’s skin super-soft. There are many ways to help accomplish this. There are specially-formulated body washes, body oils, and lotions. Baby Soft offers a variety of these exact products to help you soften your little one’s skin while, at the same time, giving them that clean-baby smell that we all know and love. Here’s a piece of information you might not have known; Baby Soft products aren’t just for little ones, you can use their products at any age!

During my review Baby Magic was kind enough to send me a variety of products which included:
  • Original Baby Scent Hair & Body Wash
  • Original Baby Scent Gentle Baby Lotion
  • Original Baby Scent No-Rinse Wash
  • Lavender & Chamomile Calming Baby Bath
  • Lavender & Chamomile Calming Baby Lotion
  • Soft Powder Scent Hair & Body Wash
  • Sweet Baby Rose Creamy Baby Oil
  • Mommy and Baby Rubber Duckie Set

Both the ‘Baby Magic Hair and Body Wash’ & ‘Gentle BabyLotion in Original Baby Scent’ products are amazing. When you use these products, your skin is left feeling so soft and pampered. With the hair and body wash, your skin is left feeling very clean and smooth. Follow that with the lotion and your body feels moisturized and softened deep from within. I love that there is no greasy feeling or residue left behind. Instead, you are left with clean and smooth skin that smells as pure as a squeaky-clean baby.

The No-Rise Wash in Original Baby scent is my go-to item at any time. No matter where we are, if Miss Lillian gets her face, hands, or anywhere else on her little body dirty, this product is convenient and very effective. I love that you don’t need any water with this, you read that right, ZERO WATER NEEDED. Simply apply the foam to the dirty area and rub together and the filth literally disappears. Of course, sometimes you may need to wipe the area with something like your shirt. This has become my must-have item that I take everywhere with kids.

 The Calming Baby Bath & Calming Baby Lotion are both equally amazing products to help with calming and relaxing yourself or your little ones. Use the baby bath or a relaxing bath time and apply the lotion afterward, messaging it into your skin. It doesn’t take long before you are ready to go to sleep. In fact, my daughter, who is 4, sleeps MUCH better after using these products in her bedtime routine. Her skin is smoother and she really loves the lavender scent. I personally love that these product are made with real lavender and chamomile. Neither product leaves your skin feeling greasy.

The Hair & Body Wash in Soft Powder scent offers a very soft fragrance. It works just as effectively as the other washes and offers all the same benefits. The only difference is the fragrance. The Creamy Baby Oil inSweet Baby Rose is something that is not what I expected. When I think of oil I tend to think a greasy look and feeling. However, this is more of a lotion that rubs into your skin very nicely. I was pleasantly surprised again that his product left behind no greasy feeling or look. I really like how well it moisturizes the skin.

Products offer these benefits: Paraben-Free, Gluten-Free, Tear-Free, Dye-Free, Phthalate-Free, and pH balanced. Plus, the rubber duckie’s were a great addition to the gift set. 

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