ORIA Indoor Thermometer & Motion Sensor Lights Review

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Recently, I had the opportunity to work with ORIA, and they were kind enough to allow me to test two of their products. I reviewed the ORIA Indoor Thermometer and the Motion Sensor Lights. 

The ORIA Indoor Thermometer is something I have been wanting for a while. It never fails, if I am wanting to know the outside temperature I usually have to hunt down my phone and open my app. This lets me know what both temperatures are all on one device.

Upon opening the package I noticed the modern sleek designs. The transmitter is discreet in size and smaller than the receiver. It has a small screen that displays the current temperature on it. Great for when you are outside and you are wanting to know the temperature. You can stand or hang the transmitter, which ever you prefer. 

The receiver is perfectly sized to put where you want and it not take up a lot of room. If you want it in your bedroom or your kitchen you can take it with you where you go. You can also hang the receiver up on the wall or stand it. The receiver offers an alarm clock with a snooze function. It has a super large and clear LCD screen with blue back-light. The receiver can display time, indoor/ outdoor temperature, trends and min/ max daily record. The date and time are very easy to set. 

The batteries are not included and you need a total of 5 AAA batteries for both devices together. Once you insert the batteries the devices will start connecting to each other. I than added the right date and time. After putting the outside transmitter up, I was concerned at first due to the reading outside being so warm. It started out in the 70’s however the weather was in the 40’s. It took about 4 or so hours for the outside transmitter to calibrate to the correct outside temperature. Once it did calibrate it has displayed the exact temperature outside that my phone app has. The inside temperature only took a few minutes to calibrate. I would suggest not putting the transmitter in direct sunlight and giving it up to 24 hours to calibrate. 

What are my final thoughts of the ORIA indoor/outdoor thermometer? It looks great, super easy to set up, and offer accurate temperature readings.

ORIA home thermometer supports Fahrenheit and Celsius, you can switch °F/°C displayed to meet your viewing habit. Outside display will read -20-50°C and -4-122°F. Inside displays the reading 0-50°C and 32-122°F. Accuracy is of 0.1°C.

We have an older house and it seems to have dark corners all over. The hallways, staircases and certain closets are just really dark. The ORIA motion sensor lights have been very helpful in these dark spots. 

During my review I received the ORIA motion sensor light 3 pack in warm white. I choose warm white because in the middle of the night I thought it would be easier on our eyes. Each light sensor takes 3 AAA and each light has 6 LED’s. This is nice because LED lights last a lot longer and don’t use as much juice from the batteries. 

Each light has a built in magnet so it is great for lockers, tool boxes and more. There is a sticky pad that comes with one to stick to the wall. They are super light and small in size, so you can just use a command strip if you would want.

They auto turn on within 10 feet of detecting you. Once it don’t detect you anymore after 15 seconds they turn off. Plus, they only work if it is dark. Not the best if the kids are playing hide-n-seek at night.

The design is modern and perfectly sized. Looks great without clashing with my design style. My final thoughts of the ORIA motion lights is they work flawlessly and look great anywhere I put them.

Where to purchase: You can make a purchase on Amazon. 

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