Krups Thermobrew Programmable Coffee Maker Review

Thursday, March 29, 2018

One smell that is always in our home is the smell of fresh brewed Coffee. Coffee isn’t just something we have in the morning, we will make coffee throughout the whole day and into the night. We have tried many different coffee makers, however, a lot of been more promising on paper than they actually turned out to be when used. We also want a coffee maker that offers a modern and sleek design, one that really adds to the overall appearance of the Kitchen. The KRUPS ThermoBrew Programmable 12-Cup Coffee Maker delivers both amazing performance and that “WOW” factor you get from coffee makers that cost many times more.

With advanced technology producing exceptional coffee flavor and convenient features for maximum convenience, the KRUPS EC321 12-cup ThermoBrew Programmable Coffee Maker ($49.99) offers an outstanding coffee experience every day. This easy-to-use programmable drip coffee maker is enhanced with ThermoBrew technology featuring a three-step flavor optimization: hot water circuit, over-sized shower-head, and a flavor mix tube. With custom settings and cutting-edge features to bring your coffee to the next level.

When we look for a coffee maker we need one that brews 10 or more cups at a time. When it comes to coffee, more = better. We like having a bold/deep brew cycle because sometimes we need stronger coffee to get us through the day (Mondays). I will say that I have owned a lot of different brand coffee makers as an adult and the most common reason I have to replace them is that they either quit working or stop functioning properly on some level. While I haven’t owned this coffee maker for long enough to determine how long it will last, I can say that the quality of the coffee maker seems much better than ANY of the previous coffee makers that I have owned. 

Functionally speaking, I love this coffee maker. The way it brews coffee is great! The spout that shoots the steam across the coffee grounds resembles a shower-head more than the traditional single-spout dripper. The jets span the entire width of the filter. This works very well as it spreads the steam evenly across the surface of the grounds. This really helps get the most out of your coffee investment. My hubby says he gets as deep of a black cup of coffee from 2 scoops as he would get from his last coffee maker using 4 scoops. I noticed the scoop holds less grounds than the scoops I have used in the past. This is most likely due to the fact that the brewing is so much more efficient. 

I never thought I would have so much to write about a coffee maker, but this one has really met or exceeded my every expectation. The Glass Carafe (coffee pot) includes a “flavor mix” tube, which looks like a very skinny funnel that catches the dripping coffee and guides it through the pot. When combined with the widely spread steam jets above, a churning effect happens inside the Carafe. This keeps the finer coffee grounds from sinking to the bottom, and adds to the overall flavor of your cup. The filter is permanent, which returns money in the long run. It is more convenient, as you eliminate a step in the brewing process. The filter is also gold-toned, which helps combat stains. This coffee maker also includes a “clean” function that is as easy to initiate as pressing the “clean” button. 

The overall effect of this coffee maker is that it looks and performs much better than you could ever hope from a coffee maker that is similarly priced. It has a timer for both brewing automatically (one that you set), as well as turning off the burner (doesn’t need to be set). The coolest function is “pause and serve”, if you want a cup before the brew cycle is complete, you can simply pause the cycle, pour the cup, and resume brewing afterward. It doesn’t drip as long after being paused as most other coffee makers. This is an amazing product, I am recommending it for anyone who loves coffee. It also makes an excellent gift and at just the right price! 

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