Yesterday Was My 35th Birthday!!!

Saturday, February 10, 2018

So, yesterday was my birthday. My family did a great job at making it amazing and memorable!

Hubby got me the biggest cake I swear they had at Walmart simply because I LOVE whipped icing. The reason he got the biggest cake is it was the only one with the whipped icing. So, our family of 5 has a huge cake that would be great for a birthday party! I however see cake in my future for at least several days (which is, of course, a good thing).

I also got three roses no more no less, to symbol one rose for each kiddo, and a balloon. I then cut the stems really short and put them in a mason jar and put them on my mantel above my fireplace. It goes perfectly with the Valentines decorations.

I also got the Power Pressure Cooker XL. I can't wait to try this thing. It is HUGE, perfect for our family of five. One pot dinner's here I come! Not only is it a pressure cooker it is also a slow cooker, steamer and it cans food. I can't wait to try this out.

The last thing hubby got me was a little bit of a shock, in a laughing way. He got me a hair remover for my face. yes a hair removing tool. Keep in mind, he thought was lipstick or a container to put my lipstick in, and that is what it looks like. Still though that is a funny, memorable, and honestly a great gag gift if he had meant it.

Later that night after the little one was in bed my oldest daughter has been wanting to see the movie “It”. I went to the movies with some friends back in September and watched it, so I knew she would be able to handle it. I told her to be prepared for some language. Other than that, “It” is a typical scary movie. So, we start the movie and I'm feeling the need for some popcorn. I go to the kitchen, which is an open floor plan. The back living room and kitchen flow into one, so I was still able to see the movie. I turn around and that dang balloon I got for my birthday was right in my face. Literally with the helium and the weight it stands as tall as me. I was face to face with this balloon. I literally jumped back into the counter. I was so scared, but we were watching the movie IT, which has red balloons everywhere.

So, after cake, gifts, and a movie I can say, spending the evening at home with the family was the best birthday I could have had!!

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