Snow Fun with the Family

Monday, February 19, 2018

I hope everyone had a great time over this past weekend. Our family didn’t do too much. Saturday around 2pm it started to snow. These were not the typical little flurries I have to come to expect from this time of year. No, we had the biggest Snowflakes that I have ever seen. They were so pretty falling from the sky, it was almost magical looking. It was snowing so much, so fast, and the snowflakes were so big, we ended up with 4 inches of snow in around a four hour period.  

It came as a surprise to everyone. For starters, we weren’t even supposed to get that much snow. It snowed hours longer than the weather forecast said it would. Besides that, the amount of snow we got in those few hours was crazy. So, you know what we had to go do, PLAY in the snow, of course! We threw snow balls, made snow angles, went sliding and made the biggest snow man I have ever made. The snow was perfect for all of these fun things we did. The kids had a blast!

The crazy thing is we went to bed with four inches of snow and woke up the next day with no snow and in the 50’s. Now tomorrow we will be almost 80. Personally, sometimes Ohio weather is so confusing. But, hey, at least the kids got to enjoy playing in the snow for what is more than likely the last time this year. 

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