DIY Project on our Back Door

Saturday, February 17, 2018

About 2 ½ years ago, we bought our first house. Since that time, we have had one DIY project after another. We have done so much already, but still have many projects left to do. 

First, we got our girl’s rooms completed (which took well over a year because they were complete renovations). After getting done with those 2 projects, we were able to do our back door. We decided it was important to get the back door done for a few reasons. For starters, it was very OLD, but it was also rusty, ugly and something very nasty always would happen when it rained. 

That “something very nasty” I mentioned? Well shortly after we moved in, it rained one night. When we walked downstairs we saw a couple of these long things on our carpet. We couldn’t tell exactly what they were, so we turned on the lights. To our surprise, shock, and complete disgust, it was night crawlers and slugs!!!! They were the biggest night crawlers and slugs you have ever seen (like out of a horror movie). Yeah, let me tell you I was freaking out and felt so sick! Great, now I am creeped out just because I am typing about it. LOL. 

 Unfortunately at that moment we found out that the door and door jamb both needed to be replaced completely. Who knows how long it had been like that, but it had to be a while. So, we patched up the door until we could get around to fixing it. Luckily, after we patched it we didn’t have any more nasty creepy crawlies on the floor.

When we went to purchase the back door, we decided to opt for a sliding back door instead of the double door with only one door that swings open. It took 2 days to do this project and to be honest it was not easy. I couldn’t believe the size of the hole in my wall when there was no door in it. My husband was able to do most of the project on his own, however he did need help from a couple of guys to stand the door in place.

We still need to do trim work but we are waiting until we get the new carpet down this year. So until then the back sliding door is complete for the most part. At least we have ZERO creepy crawlers on the floor now! However, we did at least get rid of the old border and we have painted the walls.

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