Bloom Smart Camera System for the Digital Family

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

 The Bloom Smart camera system is the world's first AI-powered home camera system that turns family moments into cherished video memories. Motion and audio detection with cutting-edge image, emotion, and pattern recognition combine with automated video editing and intelligent alerts to effortlessly capture, curate, and preserve a family's most cherished moments in beautifully auto-edited HD video while keeping data safe. Bloom Smart Camera System has launched via Kickstarter looking to raise $300,000 over the next 39 days.

Requiring no video editing skills or technology savvy from users, Bloom’s artificial intelligence “Bloom Smart™ Assistant” directs the video of a family’s life. The Bloom Smart™ Assistant:
  • Guides camera setup.
  • Intelligently determines when, how, and what to record based on user preferences and smart algorithms.
  • Automatically tags, wirelessly uploads, and indexes every video recording.
  • Compiles videos based on tag similarities and user preferences to create professionally edited videos.
  • Alerts the user when new videos are available, cameras are out of alignment, or when exciting or concerning activity is happening in other rooms of the home, such as precious moments a parent would not want to miss, or potential risks a parent would want to be informed of.

With an international team of engineers behind Bloom’s AI technology, Bloom delivers parents a solution no other software can: spend less time time fumbling for your phone trying to record every moment, managing files, and editing videos, and spend more time with your family with high-quality video memories you can share together forever.

Coetzee said, “In creating Bloom we knew that auto-editing and compilation of video content according to preferences was a big change in the way families could use home camera systems while just living their lives, and never having to worry about capturing important moments. We took it a step further to ensure that the Bloom Smart™ Assistant makes creating video memories easier for families in four ways:
  • “Auto-recording, compiling, and producing videos of personal moments over time that can be cherished forever, shared on any social network, and automatically sent to loved ones;  
  • “Granular search and sorting capabilities for power users who want to edit their own compilations. Users can search for specific people, objects, or activities and gain instant access to every frame of every moment to stitch together their own videos;
  • “The Bloom Smart™ Assistant has a keen eye for the things that are important to know for every Bloom user and parent by delivering real-time notifications related to videos and activity in other rooms of the home; and
  • “Intelligently evolving over time by learning from users to self-correct and optimize distinct preferences and alerts means the system is constantly getting smarter and smarter so users never have to lift a finger.

“Bloom is not a security camera system or a traditional baby monitor–it is so much more: Bloom effortlessly captures and creates video memories in the background of family’s lives so they can be in every moment together.”

Data security and privacy is critically addressed via state-of-the-art bank-level data encryption, storage firewall protection, and user account security protocols. Families can rest easy knowing their data and moments are private and secure.

Coetzee explains why the Kickstarter campaign is the important final step in years of prototyping and research to bring Bloom to the public: “The technology behind Bloom is already proven and in place. The Kickstarter campaign is about raising our first $300,000 for refinement of the camera hardware and to build our manufacturing pipeline. It’s also about building a community of excitement and support behind Bloom that extends beyond our team and families. So we’re offering early backers really exclusive rewards for getting the first Bloom Smart systems and access to future camera hardware and app updates before they are made available to everyone. We are even asking all Bloom backers to vote on final camera designs so our community is part of the creation process. Our backers are the start of our community.”

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