Our first DIY on our House!!!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

When we first bought our house we really didn’t know the amount of updating and construction projects we had in store. We had thought, oh this will be easy lol! We had looked at the house a few times, plus I grew up in the area so I knew the house and the owners my whole life. I had even been to the house multiple times throughout my childhood. However, never did I ever think I would actually own the house. 

Don't mind the little one in her diaper eating her pizza lol!

So, when we bought the house and it was empty of the previous owner’s belongings, we then really got to see what was in store for us to do. Besides the outdated typical things like floors, walls, light fixtures, cabinets and such. We knew we had bigger construction projects like a new driveway, adding walls & closets, replacing doors and windows. This all may sound like a lot but we got a great deal on the house. 

Our first project was going to be our girl’s rooms. It didn’t take long before we found that the walls in the upper long bedroom (room was a long as the house) had painted cardboard walls, yea that’s right cardboard. At least the walls were easy to take down. This room could have been a bowling alley it was so long, so we decided to make it into two rooms.

The first thing we had to do was start pulling up the carpet which was outside carpet. Let me remind you this room felt like you were in the 70’s. To our surprise we found amazing original hard wood floors (curly maple) which they don’t even make now. These floors are from the 40’s. However, there was paint splatter all over the floors, like someone took a paint brush and went in circles and just let the paint fly. It took my husband over 6 weeks on his hands and knees to get all the paint up off the floor.

After this we rented one of the huge floor sanders and went to town. Those industrial sanders make so much dust and are so loud, but very much worth it. Once we finally got the floors sanded we were able to pull off the cardboard walls. To our surprise we found a highchair and a baby car set both from the 30’s hidden in the walls. They were from the original owners, not the previous ones. I will share with you a story about the original owners another time, it is a great and sad story. 

We were finally able to add our drywall, build a wall between the rooms, and build closets. We had never done any of this before. Thank you to the people out there that make YouTube and Pinterest tutorials to help people like us. The lights were next, which it was nice to finally have lights and not have to wear headlamps anymore lol. 

We finally decided to put polyurethane on the floors. This really gave the floors new life and they looked amazing. Next was the easier thing but time consuming painting of everything! I literally painted the ceiling and walls multiple times from primer and the double coats of color. 

The trim work and bedroom doors was easy but also time consuming. My oldest daughter has these crawl space doors on each side of her room. I didn’t feel like paying an arm and leg for specialty doors. Again Pinterest came in handy and gave us an idea to make our own crawl space doors and they turned out amazing. Probably, my favorite thing about this whole project. My hubby’s last job was the railing for the staircase, which is way harder than it looks. 

The final thing which we decided to have someone else install was the girl’s new windows. So, glad we decided to let someone else do this part. A nice little break. 

In the end the girl’s rooms took over a year to complete. I still have two things left to complete but I can get to them when I get the chance. The closet doors and redoing the staircase.  In the end, I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of the rooms and our first ever DIY project well, projects!

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