Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Okiedog Diaper Bag Review/Giveaway 'Baby Gift Guide'

There are several things that happen to be a must have when you have a baby. Diaper Bags are the one thing that you always need no matter what when you leave the house on any trip whether it is short or long. However, if you are like me you like the smaller diaper bags for when you are going on those short trips to maybe the post office. Then you have the bigger bags for when you are going on long trips to the mall or a doctor visit. I am also one that loves the fashionable diaper bags that resemble the look of a purse I would carry on a daily basis. 

I recently had the opportunity to work with Okiedog on a diaper bag review. They sent me a diaper bag that is exactly what I expect a diaper bag to look like and it offers everything I could want in a diaper bag. 

Okiedog offers several different styles and colors in diaper bags. Not only does Okiedog offer diaper bags but they also offers products for young kids and babies. There are also Changing bags (also called Nappy Bags), and stroller accessories.