Everyone’s Favorite Funny Lady Reliving Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Top Moments

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

To celebrate the DVD and Blu-ray release of Enough Said on January 14th, let’s look at some top 
screen moments from the film’s leading lady, Julia Louis- Dreyfus. Julia’s resume means serious 
business with star performances in shows such as Seinfeld, Veep and Saturday Night Live. Believe it 
or not, her screen debut was given by comedy master Woody Allen in the 1986 hit feature Hannah 
and her Sisters. Working with the great writer/director clearly had a positive effect on her future 
career playing comedic roles. Here are a few of our favourites: 

Elaine Benes – Seinfeld 
Elaine Benes—old flame and now good friend of Jerry—is possibly Julia’s most famous role. 
Favorite moment: Elaine's nickname becomes "Nip", after she accidentally shows a nipple on a 
Christmas card, created by Kramer. Mortified at first, Elaine later crops the wardrobe malfunction off 
of the photograph and uses it for her health club ID. How resourceful!

Leslie – Deconstructing Harry 
Deconstructing Harry marks Julia’s second time working with writer-director, Woody Allen. Allen 
plays a writer, and Julia brings to life one of the fictional characters from his work.
Favorite moment: Julia’s character and another of Harry’s fictional characters are caught in an 
intimate moment by a blind woman who enters the room unexpectedly. Hilarity ensues when the 
couple continue to misbehave while the blind women obliviously engages them in conversation. 

Maggie Lizer – Arrested Development
Maggie Lizer, or Maggie “lies her ass off,” is an Orange County attorney and brief love interest of the 
show’s main character Michael Bluth. Lizer manages to give lawyers an even worse reputation, as 
she uses every trick in the book to gain sympathy from the judge and juries on her case. 
Favorite moment: Being led to believe that she is blind, we later find out that Lizer has only been 
pretending to not be able to see to help her cheat on her bar exam—and get free pizza.

Selina Meyer- Veep 
With grand ambitions and passions like passions environmental conservation, job creation and 
Senate reform, Meyer is a politician we want to root for. If only it wasn’t for her incompetent staff 
and political red tape waiting to thwart even her most humble ambitions…
Favorite moment: Selena suddenly comes down with a stomach virus during a photo op at a local 
frozen yogurt shop. Her intestinal troubles cause a hasty retreat back to the limo, proving even the 
Vice President isn’t immune to an embarrassing moment.

Eva – Enough Said
As divorced single parent Eva, we get to see Julia in a role that not only displays the comedic chops 
that we know and love, but also the softer, more dramatic side of her acting range. Eva’s courtship 
with fellow divorcée Albert (James Gandolfini) is a modern love story, full of nuances, real moments 
and—of course—more than a few laughs.

Favorite moment: Awkward! Eva overhears her new best friend talking on the phone with her ex-
husband—who also happens to be Eva’s new boyfriend. 

Enough Said is available on DVD and Blu-ray on January 14

Where to purchase: You are able to make a purchase from local stores in your area. You can also purchase Enough Said [Blu-ray] on Amazon for $19.96.

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