Sunday, December 22, 2013

Uncle Milton Lightshow DJ Review 'Holiday Gift Guide 2013'

Technology has found its way into our kid’s bedrooms. Everywhere you go, you see kids with tablets, laptop, game systems, or some other gadgets that you may or may not recognize. With all of the products competing for a place in our children’s rooms, it can be hard to keep up. A trip to the store or online venue to find a good gift can be filled with frustration and sometimes end in confusion. That is why I am very pleased to bring you a little device called In My Room: Lightshow DJ from Uncle Milton.

There are many kids who love music. There is a good reason for this. Music can take us places that we normally couldn’t go in our imaginations. There is a musical remedy for just about any bad mood. Music alone is almost lacking in this age of high-tech electronics that are filled with visual stimulants. Light Show DJ really brings an organic feeling of life to any song. It does this by pulsing to the beat of song, sending light patterns straight up and fanned out to the sides on the wall above whatever surface it is set on.