Saturday, December 14, 2013

Zubels Handmade Kint Toys Review 'Holiday Gift Guide 2013'

Now that my little girl will soon be three months, she is really starting to want to play with toys that hang down above her and the plushiest toys. At the same time, whatever she can play with she always takes it straight to her little mouth to try to chew on. This is why I am on the search for the safest toys for her to play with and of course put near her mouth. Zubels offers one the biggest selections I have ever seen in organic handmade knit toys and they were kind enough to send me Freddy the Frog to review. 

Zubels are 100% cotton (some organic) 7" and 12" characters; hand puppets, rattle bugs, hats, sweaters and more. Zubels uses eco-friendly low-impact dyes and has minimal packaging to reduce environmental waste. Each one is also hand stuffed to make them huggable and loveable. Their subtle textures, vibrant colors and hand embroidered details spark imaginary play. 

Cicciabella Vintage Cowgirl Riders Review 'Holiday Gift Guide 2013'

My little girl is a huge fan of slippers I would say that she gets that from me. Every year my family and I go shopping for our yearly house slippers. Of course, slippers can be worn all year long but winter is a must have time for slippers to help keep our feet warm. There are so different styles out there from slippers, house boots, house shoes and ones that can be worn inside and even outside. Recently, I had the chance to work with CicciaBella and they were kind enough to send me a pair of Young Riders slippers for my little girl to review. 

CicciaBella appreciates the relationship that we all have with our slippers. Everyone knows after a long day's journey that slippers are a girl’s best friend. Cicciabella offers some of the cutest slippers I have ever seen. There are slippers that can be worn outside for women and kids. Not only are their slippers but there are also eye masks, socks, and totes.

Cover Your Hair Review/Giveaway 'Holiday Gift Guide 2013'

With winter here and soon Christmas, you may be thinking about winter accessories to put into those stockings. My little girl loves winter hats and gloves especially if they match each other. She also loves bright colored items that really make a statement. I received the Striped Knit Hat and Flip Top Gloves for my little girl from, which was a huge hit with Dominique. 

Cover Your Hair offers 1000's of hair accessories. Also, with so many colors to choice from I am sure you will find the product and color that you desire. They offer products from Snoods, Bandannas, Hats, Berets, Hairbands, Headbands, Tichels, Hair scarf, head-wraps, and even more! I love the huge selection they offer for babies as well in Baby Hats and also in Baby Handbands

Fresh Produce Clothes Review/Giveaway 'Holiday Gift Guide 2013'

For nearly three decades, Fresh Produce has delighted women as a lifestyle brand known for its original prints, vibrant color and stylish, comfortable clothing. Today, Fresh Produce designs, manufactures and markets a leading women's clothing and children's clothing line that is primarily made in the USA. The comfortable fabrics, fit, and style reflect carefree ease. Their lines specialize in women’s tops, tunics, skirts, dresses, print dresses and shirts, cruise wear and resort wear.

Available in the colors Barn Red, Black, and Citron