Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lucky Baby World Suppori Baby Sling Review/Giveaway 'Baby Gift Guide'

Now that Lillian is a few months old and is doing great with being able to hold her head up, I am now ready for a baby sling. Especially those moments when Lillian wants me to hold her while I am picking up the house. With three kids, finding the time to get everything you need to get done can be a little hard. So, having something to help me get things done while doing what Lillian wants, which is being held the baby sling is amazing. I had the chance to do a review on the Suppori baby sling from Lucky Baby World. This sling offers everything from comfort, style; it is not bulky and easy to use. 

The SUPPORi baby sling is perfect for so many different tasks. It is different from most carriers due to its superior features and advantages, high-tech design, durability, and availability in a wide variety of trendy colors.