Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Wigglo Pets 'Tomoson' Review ~ 'Holiday Gift Guide 2013'

With Christmas right around the corner, I am sure you are looking for some cute and unique items to put in those stocking. My little girl happens to be a huge fan of pets real one and fake ones. We recently received the chance to do a review on a cute and fuzzy little Wigglo Pet. I am sure you are wondering what in the world is a Wigglo Pet. Well it is this cute little pet that responds to your touch without any batteries and can give your little ones hours of fun. 
**Wigglo Pets were created at the end of 2012 by 8-year old, Maya Grace. These cute guys respond to the owner's touch with no batteries, screens, or buttons. They harken back to the days when kids played with toys and used their imaginations. Wigglo Pets are soft, soothing and make great friends.