Sunday, August 18, 2013

Lindsay Olives Review 'Back To School'

There are many snack options out there from which you can choose to indulge, some are quick and easy, and others require work but are worth the wait. When I think of a snack, I think of something that I can just pop open and enjoy, like a bag of chips or a candy bar. Some options are healthier, and just as enjoyable. The good thing about healthier snacking options, are the fact that they tend to be more versatile. Take olives for example. Olives are good to eat by themselves, but they are also great to use as toppings with other food. 

I recently had the opportunity to work with Lindsay Olives. They offer some of the finest olives that I have ever had the pleasure of indulging in. I received several cans of green olives, and several containers of black olives. The black olives arrived in a re-sealable plastic container, to preserve freshness long after opening. The appropriate name for these containers is “Recloseables”.

INKtastic Review 'Baby Gift Guide'

I love it when I come across a site that offers tons of fun and unique items. I am always looking for companies that offer the ability to use your own touch of customization on the products. Especially when my kids are little and they say the same thing over and over again. Like right now my little boy is always saying, "Ain't that right?” Not sure where he got it but the other day, I ordered him a shirt that says it. He is always coming up with something that he will say again and again. Now that we will be having our little girl arrive sometime next month, I want to get a cute little item that is customized for her at this time. I had the chance to work with INKtastic whom offers tons of saying to choose from or you can use your own saying if you would like. I received this cute little green onesie with 'Always Kiss Me Goodnight' in pink writing.

KicKee Pants Review 'Baby Gift Guide'

The one thing I love when it comes to babies is baby gowns. Oh, gowns are amazing especially at 3am in the morning. It is so easy to do a feeding then simply slide out the legs to a diaper change and then put those cute little legs back into the gown. Honestly, I could not imagine anything that makes your midnight feeding and diaper changes easier. Not to mention gowns are just so cute on babies.  I had the opportunity to work with KicKee Pants on a review and they were kind enough to send me a cute layette gown with a matching hat.

KicKee Pants offers playful and charming styles for mothers and babies while being extraordinarily breathable, soft and cozy for all seasons.