Sunday, August 4, 2013

Musubo iPhone 4 Case Review

You know those times when you have your purse, keys, kids, cell phone and maybe some bags in your hands. The next thing you know you have dropped your phone and hoping that you did not break it. Well this happens to me more often than you would think. Lucky, for me cases have been a lifesaver for my phone and me. I could not imagine not using a case for my phone. I had the chance to work with Musubo on an iPhone 4/4s case that offers durably and style for those moments that you may happen to drop your phone.

Pumponator Review

My kids could spend hours upon hours outside playing in the water. If they are not in the pool then they have water guns spraying each other. I have even caught them outside playing with the water house.  Therefore, I had to get a water toy that hooks up to the hose and sprays them just so they would leave the water hose alone. I recently had the chance to work with Pumponator, which offers tons of fun water toys for summer. These toys offer tons of hours and can really get kids super wet. I cannot believe how much fun my kids have had with these Pumponator toys.  I received the Grenador and the Aquavator.

Glitter Too's Review

My kids love to wear tattoos. My little girl is more into them then my little boy though. I have seen animals, hearts, stars, cars and so much more on my kids when it comes to tattoos. The problem with most tattoos’ I put on my kids they simply do not last and within a day or so, they are gone. They also start to crack and look faded which really does not look that good. The last year or so I have been seeing these really cute and glittery tattoos that kids are wearing everywhere. When I had the chance to work with Glitter Toos my little girl was so excited. Especially when she seen all the colors of the glitters and the utensils that are offered. GlitterToos are waterproof, non-toxic and made in the USA!  They dry instantly, and are waterproof and can last for days. They also offer the garantee 100% CRUELTY FREE.