Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Motherlove Herbal Company Sitz Bath Spray & Green Salve Review 'Mama Must~Haves Gift Guide'

As my family and I prepare for our newest addition to the family in September, there are many things we have to get done. We are getting the house organized. Decorating and making the baby room all pretty in pink and green. Then we are having many talks with the kids about the things they can expect. For me my mind is going in circles about the birth and everything that comes with it when I am in labor. I know this will be my third time but it stills scares me a little bit. When I had the opportunity to work with Motherlove Herbal Company on a review, I was excited. They offer amazing products for during pregnancy, labor, after delivery and baby products. I was thrilled to test the product Sitz Bath Spray that would help with after delivery. I also had the chance to review the Green Salve, which is great for skin issues like bug bites, rashes and more for my kids.

Blu Dimples Review/Giveaway 'Baby Gift Guide'

As a mom, I love to find items that are unique for my babies and kids. Something that offers character and style. I recently had the chance to work with Blu Dimples that offers some cute items on their Etsy Store. Blu Dimples offers modern hand crafted items for babies and toddlers. There is a nice assortment of onesies, blankets, bibs, burp cloths and bowties for babies and toddlers. I received a boy’s bowtie and a necktie onesie for my review. Blu Dimples offers a huge assortment of boy’s items. 
Boys bowtie, velcro strap, baby boys bowties, 
toddler bowties, multi-colored dotted bowtie $14.00
Baby boy dotted necktie onesie with faux suspenders, 
multi colored necktie, applique, blue suspenders $15.00

Pretzel Crisps® Review

If you love to snack throughout the day but are looking for alternatives other than typical snake foods. Snack foods that include; chips, corn nuts, crackers, cookies, popcorn that I love, or cakes. The list for yummy snack foods really does go on. Recently, I had the chance to work with the company Pretzel Crisps® that offers some extremely tasty pretzels that are flavored and very crispy like the name. Not only are Pretzel Crisps a great alternative to snacking but it also is very healthy. Pretzel Crisps contain 110 calories per serving and has zero fat for the 10-11 crisp serving size. When you are eating Pretzel Crisps®  you are getting to be healthy and calorie cautious at the same time. You are also than getting to enjoy something that is great for an everyday snack. These make a great addition to finger foods when having a get together of friends and family.