Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Two Sisters Embroidery & Design Review

I love to personalize my items from purses, wallets, glasses, plates, storage totes yes the list goes on. Personalizing something adds a personal touch and it makes things so pretty. I have gotten so many things not only for myself that is personalized but also for my kids. Especially my little girl shes loves to have items personalized with her name or initials. Recently, I had the chance to work with Two Sisters Embroidery & Design on a review on a Envelope Purse. 

Two Sisters they specialize in creating just the right monogram or embroidery design to make your gift-giving fun. Whether celebrating the birth of a baby, a graduation, or the much- anticipated wedding day. 

Kauffman's Fruit Farm Review/Giveaway

When my family and I travel on vacations to various places we always love to stop at roadside stands and fruit farms to purchase some homemade goodies. You are able to get some very yummy items from these places like jellies, jams, fruits, butters and other things. Something that we have always noticed is you can't find these homemade goodies in the stores. This year our family don't get to enjoy stopping at these places because we are just staying home this summer. Due to being pregnant and moving we decided to stay home and take it easy. 

When Kauffman's sent me three items to review I was so excited. This year I may not have been able to go on a vacation but I do get to enjoy some of my favorite things from a fruit farm. We were sent the 7 Day Sweet Pickles, Sweet Dried Apple Snitz, and also Apple Butter. Kauffmans offer so many different items. They offer Cider, Butters, Drinks, Jams, Jellies and more. 

Dutch Country Pantry Review/Giveaway

I love to try new things especially when it comes to new drinks and new desserts. You never know when you will come across something that is just amazing and will become one of you new favorite things to enjoy. For my family and I we just had the chance to try something new so new to us that we had never even heard of it before. Dutch Country Pantry Foods offers a huge selection in PA Dutch country foods and drinks that can be delivered right to your door. They were kind enough to send me a few things both of which were completely new to me Shoofly Pie and also Birch Beer.

Pantene Pro-V Overnight Miracle Review/Giveaway

With summer here we all know it brings hot humid weather that can really put a damper in our hair. Then if you add in the swimming honestly I don't know how our hair lasts throughout the summer. I don't know about you but I am always looking for new products that can help my hair stay healthy  smooth, and amazing looking. I am really happy to share with you a product that helps keep and restores your hair to the luscious state where it belongs. I had the chance to review Overnight Miracle from Pantene Pro-V which is not like any overnight product that I have used before but so much better.

The Confession DVD Review

Beverly Lewis' the Confession (2013)

Based on the second novel in the acclaimed "The Heritage of Lancaster County" series by Beverly Lewis' The Confession continues the story of Katie Lapp (played by Katie Leclerc), a young Amish woman on a life-changing journey to find her English—or modern American—birth mother, the terminally ill Laura Mayfield-Bennett (Sherry Stringfield). Katie's mission is thwarted, though, by Dylan (Adrian Paul), Laura's husband, whose elaborate, fraudulent attempt to inherit Laura's wealth conceals Katie's true identity. Despite Dylan's deception, Katie's quiet faithfulness speaks volumes to Laura, who discerns that Katie is much more than hired help.

Organoderm Beauty Products Review

I am really happy to bring to you a company that offers natural beauty products for your skin from your face to your body. Each product that I was sent exceeded my expectations. I was sent the Organic Body Cream, Breast Cream, and also Eye Gel from Organo Derm.

Organoderm is a new and plastic surgeon developed line that is formulated with certified organic and the most efficacious botanical bio-active ingredients that are the purest and gentlest skin perfectors that nature has to offer.

Fizzion Pet Stain & Odor Remover Review/Giveaway

I don't have any inside pets but I do watch my aunt's dog every so often for her. She has this cute little Poodle that is a really good dog except once in a while it does have a accident in the house. I have bought several different cleaners to clean these spots that are formulated for pet accidents. Frankly some of them do not work that great and some smell horrible. Plus, you have to make sure your dog and kids don't go around it for a while after you clean it. When I came across Fizzion I was really impressed with the product description, how it works, friendly towards animals, and non toxic. When I had the chance to work with the company on a product review on their Fizzion Pet Stain & Odor Remover I couldn't wait to see how well it stood up to the pet accidents.

Fizzion's award-winning formula is a powerful cleaning solution to spot-treat pet mess on carpets and most hard surfaces in your home. Fizzion's non-toxic, environmentally friendly solution, instantly goes to the root of the stain and the odor, and forms a shield around the stain while it works on it which immediately reduces odors.