Sunday, March 24, 2013

YMI Jeans Review

I love to go shopping, especially online. I just love shopping. Although there is one thing I always dread purchasing, simply because I can never find just the right fit. I know you all know what I am talking about JEANS! My problem is, I am pretty short at only 5'1" and I usually  wear  a size 0 - 1. The problem with me is, either the jeans are way too long, the waist is too big, or the legs look totally funky. So, my jeans tripping me usually turns into an all day thing going from store to store and trying on tons of jeans in the process just to find maybe one or two pair that fit me the way I like.

Thankfully, I finally found the jeans that fits and look great on me. Plus, once I know the size I wear in these jeans, I can continue getting that size knowing it will fit me just like the pair before. I had the opportunity to work with YMI Jeans on a review and I couldn't be more happy with the quality, price, or style of the jeans. I received the Destructed Skinny Jeans which is my style for sure as they go well with all of my many tall boots that I love to wear. 

Veri Peri Sauce Review/Giveaway

We enjoy cooking in our home. If I am not cooking then hubby is grilling. It is something we enjoy doing. I also love to try new foods and flavors. You never know when you will come across something that you will really like. I have heard of Veri Peri Sauces before but had never tried them. The sauces looked very good and it seemed like a sauce that my family and I would enjoy cooking with. I was delighted to have the opportunity to do a review on the Veri Peri Sauces. In fact, I was sent 5 different sauces which allows me to flavor and try the product several different ways.

Veri Peri is an emulsion, meaning it does not separate when used in cooking, this lends itself to a versatile range of usage. Add Veri Peri to dips, your favorite recipes, use it as a marinade, or simply offer it on your dinner table for guests to add to their mean as desired. Unlike other hot sauces, Veri Peri is the family sauce with something for everyone. Our flavors are Lemon & Herb, Garlic, Mild, Hot, and Veri Hot ranging from 1/10 - 10/10 on the heat scale. 

Red Envelope Review

I love to shop for my loved ones. I love it when I come across a website and find such amazing items that are perfect for letting someone know how you feel about them. With Easter and Mother's Day coming up, now is the best time to start shopping. I was given the chance to do a review on a lovely item from the Red Envelope website. I was so excited just looking at all the amazing items that are available from their website. With so much to choose from, it took a long time to decide exactly who would be getting what. 

Some of the gifts you are able to purchase include: jewelry, apparel, women’s accessories, flowers, plants, gourmet treats, baby, kids, gadgets, bath, spa, birthday and more.

Nature-Cide Bed Bug and Ant Insect Sprays Review/Giveaway

Living in Ohio, we have many different insects and bugs throughout the year. We have different seasons from very cold and snowy winters to up in the100's summer we have certain insects and bugs and different times. The one thing I dread is mosquitoes. My second most dreaded insects, are ants. Those things are super annoying. The one issue I come across when trying to find a product that will help get rid of these pesky little ants is that I don't like the poisons that are on the shelves in the stores. When you read the back it's scary to think about what you are spraying around the house. When I had the chance to work with Nature-Cide I was thrilled to have to the opportunity, especially finding out the products are completely safe to use around kids and if you have any animals too. I had to chance to do a review on the Ant Pesticide & Repellent plus the Bed Bug, both of which are just what I needed.