Saturday, January 26, 2013

Blum Naturals Review/Giveaway

The last month or so I have been finding myself reach for a towelette to wash the makeup off my face. For me at night I am so tired, I just want to clean my face really fast and go to bed. Of course, I have bought several different brands in search for the ones that I really like. Some have been a hit and so not so much. I am looking for a product that cleans my face, don't break me out and also makes my skin feel good. I had the chance to work with Blum Naturals on a review of cleansing wipes.

 Their products are infused with natural plant extracts, fruit sugars and nourishing antioxidants that easily remove waterproof makeup and dirt buildup leaving your skin clean and smooth.  Blum was created to provide a natural and organic cleanser for women to reinvigorate their skin and keep it clean and smooth.

Dermagist Skin Care Products Review/Giveaway

A few months ago I had the privilege to work with Dermagist on a review. All the products during my review exceeding my expectations and the results were amazing. You can read more on my first review here. So, when Dermagist offered to work with me again on another review I was thrilled. Since, my experience with the first products were so good, I knew I was going to be in for another treat.

During my review I was sent The Hydrating Spa System for $89.99..
 The Hydro-Renewal Hand Cream
 The Foot & Heel Revitalizing Cream
 The Hydropeutic Body Lotion