Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kushyfoot Review

If you are anything like me your feet tend to get sore at times. Whether you are chasing after kids, going shopping or running errands, cleaning house, or simply working a job outside of the house. It seems like any kind of shoes that you have to wear can make the bottom or your foot hurt. I tend to choose style over comfort, which doesn't help much. Crazy right? I was recently given the opportunity to do a review for Kushyfoot who offers tons of different footwear to help in making your feet comfortable throughout the day and night.

Kushyfoot offers an assortment of styles. There are foot covers, toe covers, trouser socks, and sheer knee highs for ladies. Also available are tights, sheer and opaque fashion knee socks. Kushyfoot products are made of soft elastane and premium nylon for ultimate comfort and extra durability. 

After doing my review on the Kushyfoot products, I have come to realize how much I just love these products. During my review I was sent the Kushyfoot Flats To Go in fleecy leopard and the Kushyfoots Slipper Socks in black/lavender.