Wednesday, January 9, 2013

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Think Fun Mini Mouth Review

My family and I love to play games. With winter here playing games is a thing we seem to do a lot. One type of games we love to play together are word games. The kids have a blast with these. I was recently sent a word game called Mini Mouth from Thinkfun. This game has been perfect for my two kids ages 5 and 8. Of course, we did the team thing with the kids to help them if they needed us.

There are several Think Fun games for all ages 4 and up like Junior Games, Logic Games, Family Games, and Brainteasers. Think Fun Games offer certain games for certain skills like Reasoning, Visual, Memory, Verbal, and Math.

There are several different online games you can play. While they also offer apps for the iPhone and the Android. So, whether you are home with the kids or at the Dr.'s with your little ones you can offer them online games to play.