Panther Vision 'Power Cap' Review

Saturday, September 14, 2013

It never fails my hubby has to go outside at night to either take the trash out, move the trash can’s to the end of the driveway, find lost toys and other reasons. However, he usually grabs his headlamp, which does the job, but they simply are not that comfortable. By the time he gets back in, he usually has this awkward looking strap impression on his forehead from wearing the headlamp. Luckily, for my hubby he had the chance to review the Powercap from Panther Vision which offers a more comfortable feel and offers LED lights that work for close up and far away moments when he has to do things outside at night. 

Panther Vision product designs are focused on easily lighting the areas where you work with your hands, where you read or where you do activities. Their “task”" lighting is designed to be used in an area of 0 to 30 feet from users where you could use additional ‘hands free’ light for whatever you’re doing. There are several different styles of the PowerCaps and LightSpecs available depending on what you are looking for.

POWERCAP 25/10 Unstructured Cotton LED Lighted Hats $19.99
The PowerCap by Panther Vision is the Ultimate Hands-Free Flashlight!! They combine their Patented, ultra bright LED technology with stylish, high quality ball caps to create the perfect LED lighted cap. With 12 different LED technologies, and more than 60 lighted hat styles/colors, you’re guaranteed to find one to meet your needs. 

PowerCap LED lighted caps are more versatile than a headlamp with both close up task lighting as well as distance lighting. Additionally, since the LEDs are built into the hat, it is much more comfortable and stylish then a headlamp.

When I received the PowerCap from Panther Vision, I knew my hubby was going to enjoy the PowerCap. The other night it was his Sunday Night ritual time to take the trashcans to the end of the driveway. This was the perfect time to test the PowerCap out and see how well it really does work. 

When he put on the PowerCap he immediately was able to tell that it was much more comfortable then his headlamps that he normally uses. He also likes the fact that it looks like any normal ball cap but offers much more. It offers a hands free flashlight that really works great for close up and faraway moments. 
The cap offers 4 LED lights that provide more than 48 Lumens and are hidden under the brim of the hat.  You never even know they are there until you turn on the lights. Right under the brim of the hat is an on/off push button.  Two of the LED lights are angled down at 25 degrees to light up where your hands are for close up tasks. Then the other two LED lights are aimed forward to light the distance up to 42 feet away.  The distances for the lights are very impressive.  Then when you need to replace the batteries, you simply use 4 CR2032 Coin Cell batteries that are hidden in the sweatband.
My hubby said that doing his outside work at night is much easier and more convenient not having to use a flashlight or wear a headlamp. He also was very impressed with how well the areas really lighted up and how well he could see what he was doing. He thinks the angle of the LED lights are spot on because with the same PowerCap he can easily do things up close and see where he is going in the dark. He really enjoys his PowerCap and all that it offers. I can see myself purchasing the PowerCap for many of the men in my life.
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Where to purchase: You are able to make a purchase from the Panther Vision website. You can also purchase LightSpecs at AutoZone nation wide. 

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