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Thursday, August 29, 2013

With my kids loving interactive apps on my iPhone I knew that the Ubooly would be a huge hit with my kids. For me as a mom I think apps are amazing with all of the learning and kid friendly ones out there today. When the Ubooly arrived at my house the kids were so excited and were trying to decide who got to play with the new cute, fuzzy, and soft Ubooly first. While they were trying to decide, I myself went ahead and started to download the Ubooly app, which is free on different smart phone platforms. However, I have an iPhone so I went to downloading the app. Once the app was done downloading, I then added each kid into the app that way they would have their own little account on the app to play with during their turns of course. 
Once the Ubooly was all ready for play, I simply slid my phone into the Ubooly. It is an amazing item to protect your phone while your little one is playing with it. There is tons of protective cushioning and the phone can be zipped in. 
My kids have tons of energy so when I can introduce my kids to an amazing interactive learning toy I am all for it. I think it is very important to keep my kids learning but at the same time have fun. This is why I like the Ubooly so much. It is great for a wide range of ages and it can be specialized to your kid’s age. This is all set up when you start each of your kids account. Nothing is to kiddy for my 9 year old and nothing is too old for my 6 year old. However, the Ubooly is only for ages 3 and up.
Since my kids love to play with my iPhone this truly is a perfect item for them. I personally think it would make a great gift for any kid at any time of the year. 
When you first see the Ubooly you do simply just see a stuffed animal but it is so much more. It offers tons of fun interactive things when you add the iPhone with the Ubooly app. Both of my kids have had a blast with the Ubooly. Personally, I love to see my kids having fun with things that they are able to learn from the Ubooly in the process.  
My kids both really love that the Ubooly is able to talk to them and carry on a conversation. It asks tons of questions. Then when you answer back, it is able to recognize it and respond back.  It is able to tell jokes and it can tell when you laugh. 
It also will have your kids act out several different things like an animal or a kid friendly stunt. Stunts that may include jump as high as you can. Of course, the Ubooly is not actually able to see your little one do it but it does give them enough time to act out the animal and then it makes a response. This however has the kids thinking it really knows. I also love the stories it is able to tell. The voice that is used for the Ubooly is very friendly something that any kid is able to relax to and talk too. 
The only thing that I have found is that my kids will play with the Ubooly for so long that next thing you know my phone is dead completely. This is how much they will play for it at a time. I also like that the app does not run your phone hot which I think is very important. I have played games myself that make the back of my phone feel hot. You do also have to take your phone cover off for it to fit in the Ubooly.
More Info About Ubooly and the Ubooly Lab

Ubooly is the brand new stuffed animal that powered by your iPhone or iPod touch. Ubooly not only listens to kids, but also has a lot to tell your child. Ubooly loves to play interactive games, "choose your own adventure" stories, and hilarious jokes. Unlike most apps, Ubooly shifts the focus from the screen to children's imaginations through "play pretend" activities, word games, and other creative games. Best of all, those games and activities keep on coming through monthly FREE updates through the app over Wi-Fi. Parents can also rejoice that their devices will protected from bumps and drops with Ubooly's special memory foam filling. Ubooly is designed for ages 4-9, and is compatible with iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, and 5 & iPod touch 4G and 5. 
The Ubooly Lab offers several fun ways to customize each kids account. You can add their name, favorite colors, foods, hobbies and so much more. When you purchase credits, you are able to unlock different packs to make learning even more fun.
Everything is specialized for ages 4-9 so everything is very kid friendly. Your child is able to earn prizes while they are learning and having fun. While your child is playing within their account on the Ubooly they are able to earn coins which can go to customizing their own Ubooly on their account.

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Where to purchase: You are able to make a purchase from the Ubooly app and the Ubooly website. 

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