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Monday, July 29, 2013

With my recent move into our new home I was shocked at how, much stuff I had stored in my house. I now finally have a garage so the storage of items in the house has gone down by a lot. In our old house, we seemed to have the tops of our closets full of boxes with things being stored. Also under our beds and anywhere, we could find a place to store things. Now I have a huge garage that has tons of shelves all around it for storage.

Since, we moved I have been literally going through every single box that we have. You would not believe the stuff I found, things I do not need or want anymore. Once I am done with, a box I then have, hubby put it into the garage and I start on a new one. While I have been doing this I have come across things I do not want in the garage but things I would like to keep in the house. I didn't want to get storage totes from the store I want something that is a little easier to get into and looks like it could go with your rooms decor and style better then a rubber plastic tote. When Packaways offered to send me several of their totes, I was so excited because these boxes are brightly colorful and really are different then plastic totes that I use in the garage.

PackAways Reusable Plastic Storage Boxes are durable, versatile and collapsible. Made of heavy-duty corrugated plastic, our Classic, Tote and Under Bed products are lightweight and water-resistant. PackAways have unique wipe-away panels, so you can label...then erase. With bright colors, a variety of sizes, and so many possible uses.
From Packaways Website: 
COLLAPSIBLE, OUT OF THE WAY STORAGE: PackAways are the only corrugated plastic storage boxes that easily collapse down flat for efficient, out of the way storage when not in use.

EASY, NO TAPE SETUP: Simply press opposing corners together to instantly set up your PackAways. The bottom of the box automatically folds into place. The top interlocks to close, then can be opened and closed again and again. No more taping yourself to your storage!

WIPE AWAY MARKING PANELS: PackAways have two marking areas for identification of contents. When you are ready to reuse for another purpose, or if you misspelled your own child’s name, simply erase and re-label.

COLOR YOUR WORLD: Further organize your items by color or match your d├ęcor with PackAways brilliant Blue, Pink, Green and Translucent corrugated plastic storage boxes.

DURABLE: PackAways are ultra durable and can be erected, filled, stored, emptied and knocked down flat hundreds of times. And trust us…you will!

COMMON FOOTPRINT: Even if you purchase different sizes, the Classic PackAways have the same footprint (length and width), only the height varies in the sizes. So they stack neatly, efficiently and safely on top of one another. No more leaning towers.
During my review, I received four different Packaways. I received three Classic's in different sizes and the Postal Tote. All of the Packaways came in different colors allowing me to have a variety of colors to enjoy. When I received them, they were flat as a board literally. All I had to do was follow the easy step-by-step instructions and within a few minutes every single Packaway was open and ready to be used. 
The classic tots have come in handy in my kid’s rooms. My little boy took the green one since that is his favorite color. My little girl took the pink one of course with her room being Zebra and hot pink. I put the white one in the baby's room. Hubby then took the blue parcel tote. Trust me it did not take long before each of these was full.

We have stored various things in each of them in each room. My little boy uses his for his hot wheel tracks which he has tons. My little girl uses hers for all of her many pillows and blankets that she has. Still she cannot get enough. The babies is being used for all of her things that she does not need right now but eventually will. Then hubby uses his for all of our extra computer parts like cords, fans, CD’s and more.

I am very happy with the Packaways. I love that they are all different bright colors because they look so much better in our rooms. I also love the style and design of the totes. They are easy to use and put away when not needed for use anymore. There are also handles on the sides, which makes them easy to carry and get in and out of the top of the closets. It is nice because on the sides there are places to write on with a dry erase marker. I really like the totes and how well they work. Now I just need to get me some more.
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Where to purchase: You are able to make a purchase from the Packaways website. Prices will vary depending on the item and size you purchase.

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